Thanks to everyone for the suggestions for my Bible-citing needs. I did clarify with my prof how he’d like me to cite it and he just looked at me and went “… You overthink things way too much. Just do it like this… [he writes things out on a piece of paper] and write this… [writes more things on a piece of paper].” Have I mentioned how much I dislike MLA citation styling? I’m so much better at the citation format for science research papers (CBE and ACS). And my paper’s going stellar… ish. I just have my conclusion to do and then some editing and then it’ll be done!

So umm… Have you ever had a conversation with someone while you’re in a somewhat bad mood and then they say something and you take it the wrong way because you’re in a touchy mood and already somewhat annoyed with the word so you purposely pick a fight or say something hurtful? I did that today. Not that fun, hurt feelings all around. Feel pretty bad about it, and there’s not enough chocolate ice cream in my house to make myself feel better, so I’m settling for yoghurt granola bars (peach yoghurt, really good… -tempts-). I was going to go and buy some yarn today (I have a project in mind, but I need pale green for it or else it’ll look sickly) but I try not to go shopping when I’m upset or else I end up spending a lot more than I plan to (although, have to say, retail therapy is a lot of fun!). And having a credit card and all, that doesn’t make the not-spending any easier. At least when I carried cash around, I could limit myself or remind myself that “Oh, I still have to buy something to eat later” or whatever. So no yarn shopping today… Maybe Wednesday when I head to the library to drop off some dvds (… which I still haven’t seen, shall have to remedy that).

Anyways… Shall leave you all off with a conversation snippet of what went on between me and J before class today (J is the J that bakes cupcakes… and got his foot run over by a car at a crosswalk… Good times.)

J: So I was thinking…
M: Yes?
J: You should set me up with one of your friends!
M: … And why would I do that?
J: Because you want my new frosting recipe. Plus, I’m attractive, intelligent, funny and you think I’m a really good friend.
M: … You’re a chronic cheater, J.
J: Well yes but…
M: What do you mean ‘but’? I’m not setting up one of my friends with a  chronic cheater when I know of the likelihood you cheating on them within a month.
J: But I could learn to be better… I could change…
M: They also won’t sleep with you when they find out that you’ve got [insert words here here].
J: I forget that girls don’t want that…
M: You are such an idiot sometimes.

How has your Monday been?

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  1. It’s Tuesday. x) I have to leave for uni soon 🙁

    Wooo. I haven’t worked on my essay since I commented last. So I have about two days left.

    Yeah, I’ve totally been in a bad mood and taken something that way. Haven’t felt too good about it. Sometimes when someone is in a bad mood and I make a comment.. they go all huff and gruff, etc.

  2. You dislike MLA? Perhaps it’s because you haven’t used it as much. I love MLA and can’t stand APA.
    Sad face for the hurt feelings.

  3. I HATE MLA format! Uhg. Die, die, die, MLA! 🙁

    I do that a lot – the over sensitive leading to hurting feelings thing. It’s always a bummer. *hugs*

    My Monday was okay. Actually my Monday was better then my Tuesday. Today is kind of a sad, ick day.

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