@ Cody – Those tiny little gold Godiva boxes are cute… I reused one (lined with tissue paper) for Valentine’s Day cookies for Clay, it was the only box that I had that was nice and small (and not too small that I’d have to go and break the cookies, of course, I think it would have sent the wrong message if I gave him broken heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s…).

Today was my last psychology lecture which was both a) awesome and b) sad. Sad because it means that my final is approaching. At least it’s all multiple choice. We get 2 hours for a 50 question test. Which is only 10 more questions than the midterm, and we had 50 minutes for that so… She doesn’t decide the test times, of course. All other psychology classes (for that course number) have the same test time, but not everyone gets the same prof, and there isn’t a standard test for all sections. But I believe we’re all in the same gymnasium…? I don’t know. I need to check my exam schedule for locations. Watch it be at that stupid building that takes 30 minutes to walk to from the bus loop again. I’ve totally just jinxed myself now.

I’ve been studying for psychology, actually, and on-and-off knitting as well as advertising my roleplaying game, Ames. The thing about the play-by-post rpg community is that it’s common courtesy to have an advertising board on your game. Why? Because other games advertise at your game and you can advertise at their game and everyone gets some decent exposure. Plus, you can advertise on games similar to your own (to attract like-minded roleplayers) or get some new roleplayers who’ve never roleplayed a specific type of character in their life.

That being said, there are some things that I’m really tired of reading in advertisements, and some typos that I’m really sick of as well: “advertizing” (I don’t think I need to comment on this one), “Ages 13 and up! Rated R” (… like seriously?), “Evil, neutral and light sides” (“evil” is not the opposite of “light” and nor is any one character every entirely ‘evil’ or ‘light’… Unless they’re as pale as a ghost, of course), “sirious rollplayres only” (… you catch my drift, I hope), “Must post 500 word posts, 10 times a week” (or something equally stupid – minimum word counts belong in the criteria for term papers, not in a game) and, my absolutely least favourite thing I’ve ever seen in a roleplaying game is “Everything is copyright to [name here]! I will sue you and take all your money if you steal from me!!@#!@#” (… when they’re using obviously copyrighted photos… and they’ve stolen their entire game plot from a more populated, and more popular, game).

That being said, the play-by-post text-based (message boards or forum based…) roleplaying games are really great. Especially for fiction writers, since what we write is fiction. Sure, occasionally there’s a few crazies that pop up… Everyone gets something ripped off by someone else at least once in their roleplaying career (and it’s always found out because we’re all such a great group and inform one another when another person steals our stuff). Plus, if you’re a Twilight or Harry Potter fan? There’s about a million roleplaying games that revolve around Forks, WA or Hogwarts (or England in general, or some random wizardry school).

And now that I’ve bored you all silly by going on and on about roleplaying games of the none WoW variety… What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting? Movies to go see? Sales to shop? Tell me your exciting/not-so-exciting plans! I’m going to be studying biology all weekend. And I mean all weekend. Why? Because I have nothing better to do. Honest. Plus, you know, my entire future (and I am not exaggerating there) is determined by this single biology course. Now that I think of it, I’m going to put away my psychology notes and go get my biology textbook instead.

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  1. Hahahaha. So incredibly unprofessional. I would be sick of reading that sort of crap too, honestly.

    Particularly the one about the word limit thing. And the typos.. I think I’d freak. I’m not really into RPGs and never quite understood them, admittedly.

    Two hours is a lot of time for fifty questions. Are you allowed to walk out? I remember in my HSC exams a lot of people just walked out. xD

  2. Haha a common name, indeed. I knew two Michelles in high school! But not like I’d find you on Facebook because I don’t have one, and I can find you at IS. ^_^ And I am not a creep who looks up people on Google.. other than myself LOL.. just curious as to what comes up.

    Oh, oh – hilariously enough, James suddenly remembered that his boss had the last name Foucault – when I mentioned Michel Foucault. I was totally like ‘omg, are they related’ (immature I know, haha that was such a Georgie moment).. and when I looked up his boss’ name, we found out that he was a failed opera singer in his past years. AHAHAHA.

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