My front yard now looks like crap (to me!) as it’s not quite a ‘stump’ in my yard, but it’s not a ‘tree’, either. All the major branches have been cut off. Most of the trunk on both sides (the tree kinda split, might have been two? But they intertwined, so I always considered it to be one tree.) have been cut. But it’s not ‘stumpy’. Eh, it looks bad. And yes, it was a DIY-hack job, courtesy of my father. Which is legal, according to my city’s bylaws (not that he probably bothered to check…).

So tired right now, went out last night with the friends since J is leaving (again) for (a new) school (again). I like abusing parentheses sometimes. Then stayed up to chat with Clay. Wish I was still in bed. But I’ve been ‘practicing’ (sort of) getting up early since tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 5am for my English lit exam (whoot…?) at 8:30am (…) so I got up today at 6am. Please don’t ask what time I went to bed or how much sleep I got. Because I really could not tell you, even if I tried.

And my essay topics? I’m prepping for four of the five (since I don’t fel like writing about gardens!) and only three of the five will pop up on my literature final. And then I only have to write about two, so I’m hoping that I get the ones I like! I do rather want to write about disguises though, it works well for Twelfth Night and Marie de France’s work. Prepping for exam topics isn’t difficult, by a long shot. The only issues I have is that we’re not allowed the texts or notes. So I’m trying to keep it easy-to-remember everything. Hoping to, anyways.

What have you been up to this blissfully sunny Wednesday (where I’m stuck indoors and studying as my deck’s dirty and I can’t lie in the sun)?

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  1. Wow, you’ve reminded me I actually need to actively start revising for my exams and not just talk about doing them. >.< Wuuah. Five thrity is a pretty early time to awake from a deep warm slumber, good luck? hot chocolate makes it all better. Have a hot chosolate.

    With a chocolate biscuit.
    And Whipped creeam. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Haha you are so cute with the parenthesis. I do that sometimes too. It was a nice day today here too but it was a bit chilly. I still wore my sandals outside though when I went to go pick up Josh.

    Good luck with your essays.

  3. lol. We don’t have a front yard. We live in a flat and the closest thing to a front yard is the pizza store and the pathway lol.
    >< all this talk about exams and essays LOL. It’s reminding me of school. I’m still on holidays though luckily.

    What have you been up to this blissfully sunny Wednesday (where Iโ€™m stuck indoors and studying as my deckโ€™s dirty and I canโ€™t lie in the sun)? I was reading (not the Book Thief though for some reason) and sleeping and at 6pm I went to bible study haha.

    Thanks for the comment by the way.
    No, I could never make anything as cute as the smilies! For an hour I went through heaps of deviant art accounts and websites. After I while I finally found

  4. That is majorly sucky that you can’t go outside and enjoy the sun! ๐Ÿ™

    So many essays! At least you’re prepared, but best, best, best of luck.

    I haven’t been doing much lately, actually. I have four reviews to do now. Bummerrrrrr. I’m on break, so it’s all good.. sort of ๐Ÿ™‚

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