I am now the proud occupant of a cubicle at work. It’s kinda interesting, it got set up pretty quickly considering today’s my third day at work. So I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer today, attempting to get work done. I’ll get more done tomorrow though, and then it’ll be Friday. I’ve set up when I’ll be doing my volunteering as well. They only had one time available on the weekend, for Sundays. Luckily, I don’t have standing plans on Sundays… And it’s only for two hours… And there’s another twenty two hours in a day. Which is always a good thing. Also got my email at work set up, which is really nice since I do need it. They’ve even hooked me up with the same address I had back in 2007. So when I went to open my email, there was all the emails I had in my inbox back in 2007 and 19 unread emails from the summer of 2008. And since they were addressed to me, I did read them. It was kind of weird reading them a year later though. But it was also weird because I’m pretty sure that people had expected some sort of response to some of the emails. Since they asked questions, directed to me… But if I recall correctly, I did resolve most of the issues… Hopefully. Oh well, I’m sure no one is going to read back a year’s worth of emails.

I also have two of four of my grades in! AND I PASSED CHEMISTRY! It’s the only course out of my four that I took this last term that I was really worried about. I got my English literature mark as well, which went well. And my psychology grade isn’t up ‘officially’ yet, but I do know what it is. And with all my bonus marks, it looks very nice, if I do say so myself! I’m pleased with it.

Plus I’m eating cream puffs right now. Lemon flavoured ones with icing sugar on them. Which is very good. And I highly suggest them to everyone. Go out and get one. Or a dozen, then you could even consider sharing them.

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  1. YAY! You have a cubicle, huh? Are you going to decorate it with all sorts of cute little things? I totally would.

    I’m not sure what a cream puff is, but it sounds delicious. Yay and congrats on passing Chemistry!

  2. If having a cubicle now is a big deal, what did you have before? A computer in a broom closet? A laptop and a chair in the corner? Enlighten me.


  3. I must admit – a cubicle honestly sounds pretty impressive to me! And I can totally imagine seeing those old emails being rather weird… Kind of like a blast from the past, I guess.

    And congratulations on passing Chem! That’s fantastic!

  4. Ooh cubicle upgrade! Sounds fancy! You should totally decorate it and take pictures for us to see. Yay for passing Chemistry! That’s fantastic!

  5. a cubicle? ha thats awesome 🙂 also awesome that you passed chemistry! 🙂 sorry I haven’t been by lately at least i had a good excuse …been moving! but i’m around now!

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