So… WordPress sucks at the moment. I’m currently browsing the WordPress forums to see – everyone else has been having the similar issues with the visual post/page editor. I’m currently using another editor to type things up… I’m a little tired of looking through people suggest the same troubleshooting tips that aren’t working for me.

Work was really long today. All I did today was stare at a computer screen again and attempt to make sense of the data that was in the system. There’s been a lot of issues with the servers at work lately due to viruses. It slows down the entire system and, unfortunately, makes any work emails have issues with emailing out of the company. So I have no issues emailing my boss or someone else at work, but if I need to email the people at the other building (same company, just different ‘system’, sort of), it goes incredibly slow.

Caity asked “If you had to live in any other country in the world other than the one you currently live in, which country would you pick and why?”

So… Canada’s out. I don’t think I’d really want to lived in the United States. Now the problem with picking another country to live in is that I don’t speak a lot of languages (only 2 fluently). Which can be a bit of an issue, but I’d probably pick either Australia or New Zealand. One of the main languages is English. Which is helpful. And if I was living there, I guess I’d have to work there as well… And the nice thing is that it’s relatively easy (sort of) to go between British Commonwealth nations with some degrees. Like a nursing degree, I’d just need to take a test to be certified in that country. So that’s my reasoning. I’m being practical. (Oh, and the company that produces Blythe dolls will ship to Australia… They won’t ship to North America.) (That last bit wasn’t particularly practical, was it? Oh well!)

(Early, Clay texted me saying that was guessing either Japan or China. And I got so confused. And then I logged on, so I’m no longer confused as to his guess.)

So… It’s the weekend, obviously! Which is awesome, because I was getting tired of work. My boss was telling me that he wasn’t going to be in the first couple of days next week and asks if I have enough work to tide myself over until he gets back. I smile and then jokingly quip that I’ll be fine, I’ll just drive to work, drop off my mom, clock in and then go somewhere until the end of the day to clock out and pick up my mom. I was joking, of course. He just thought I was so funny. It’s always nice when my somewhat-existing sense of humour is appreciated by others.

How was your Friday? Any stellar plans for the weekend? I don’t have any plans really, beyond going to the library to pick up a hold, going shopping (maybe) and going to volunteering on Sunday (as per usual).  Oh, that and combing through Craigslist.

And, I thought I’d extend the same request that I had yesterday. Ask me any question and I’ll answer it (unless it’s completely inappropriate or perverse. In which case, I won’t.)

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  1. I very rarely update WP in the first couple of weeks when a new version is released because there’s usually bugs and stuff.

    People have plans for weekends? I just laze around in a semi-coma. Like all the other days. 😀 Well, I guess updating my hair to look better counts as some sort of a plan.

    I’d ask a question but my mind’s a blank… hmm. Oh! What do you mean by Clay being a “little too addicted” to video games?

  2. Well if you come to NZ then you can visit me when I move there! I hope you are able to fix your issues with WordPress. That is so frustrating. I haven’t updated yet.

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