Heather – I have tickets for Les Miserables! I’m so excited for it. I’ve been driving my sisters insane since I’m sort of (maybe) just a little bit crazy and have been (only sort of) counting down… I’m a nut, what can I say? That being said, I’ve been listening to Les Mis almost exclusively since Tuesday afternoon. And have been singing along to everything while I’ve been at home or in the car with my mom going to and from work. I mean, seriously, what other musical do you know of has the line “The blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France”? in the lyrics? None. And it’s like having awe and morbidity all rolled in with a tablespoon of awesome. And have I mentioned that I’m really excited? (And it’s not even until July… I wonder if I can keep this up, haha.)

So I was texting Clay and I asked him what he thought I should blog about today. He had a great first suggestion. Which I vetoed because it was kinda… inappropriate-ish by a lot? Then there was the suggestion of cars and games. Guess I know what kind of entries his blog would have if he had one? But then I came up wih something… With the help of my sister D, who was rooting through my closet.

D: When did you get this? [holds up a hanger with a black dress]
M: Umm, last summer.
D: How about this? [holds up a hanger with a green skirt]
M: Late summer.
D: And this? [holds up a hanger with a red skirt]
M: Umm… Maybe before midterms?
[several items later that have been purchased since last year…]
D: You’ve gotten a lot of nicer clothes since you started dating what’s-his-name*.

And when she said that, I got up off of my bed and looked into my closet. I don’t use my closet all too often, I have a wardrobe for all of my ‘I don’t care if it wrinkles’ things. But she had a point, I realized. I have more than just a ‘few’ skirts hanging in my closet, a few shirts that I actually care if they get wrinkled, dresses that I actually like that I didn’t get as hand-me-downs. And most of them have been purchased within the last year, except for my grad dress and two skirts. She finds it ‘fascinating’ and I call it a coincidence. Then she also pointed out that I have shirts that “shows things” (seriously, that’s what she said). My answer to that: I don’t really have much to show, so I don’t think it really matters…

But before she mentioned it, I never really thought about it. I pay a little bit more attention to skirts and dresses now whenever I’m shopping, perhaps. And I have an absurd amount of jewellery that can go with pretty much any outfit, if I ever remembered to put some on (but that’s made, not bought, not directly anyways). And, I don’t know. I think what she’s confusing as ‘my baby sister’s buying clothes to please a guy’ is more ‘my baby sister finally has money that she could potentially use to spend on clothes she can completely branch away from wearing hand-me-downs like she did for so many years of her life’.

I mean, when she moved away, she didn’t bring a whole lot of clothes with her. Now she’s come back, she has like 6 times the amount of clothes that she ever used to have, a lot of nice jackets, not a whole lot of skirts, but she did buy a dress while she was in the States. And because she claims that she never had any romantic interest in anyone while spending a few years in sunny California, she can say that she bought the new clothes for herself and herself only. But, I suppose in her mindset, because I’m dating someone, things get scrutinized a little.

You should have heard her when she recalled the trip to the mall and, subsequently, the lingerie store. “Are you having sex?!” My answer: “You mean like… right now, at this very moment? I would think that someone with a biology degree would be able to tell.” She shut up after that. Totally a conversation that should never be had with someone that I’m related to, regardless of the answer.

* My sisters both know about Clay. J’s met him before, D hasn’t. But D never remembers his name and refers to him as ‘what’s-his-name’.

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  1. Knowing what I know about you, I don’t think it’s you dressing for a boy. As far as I’m aware, you don’t pick up a skirt in the store and think “Clay would really like this.” And then buy it because he would. In that situation, you’re buying clothes to look good for a boy.
    Imo, there becomes a certain point where the old “cannot wear skirts” mentality that most girls adopt somewhere around grade three (maybe 4? I don’t remember) begins to wear off, for most girls anyway. Suddenly we start to embrace to our sexuality and realize that showing a bit of leg isn’t a bad thing. I think for you, this and a want for nicer clothes coincidentally happened around the same time you started dating Clay.
    Or something like that.

  2. I look in my closet … and realize a lot of my clothes are from Garage, from when I used to work there. It kind of depressed me.

  3. Haha I got a kick out of the closest thing too. That conversation is definitely not a comfortable one, but I love your response lol.

  4. Haha what an awkward conversation. Nice comeback though, hehe.

    It’s quite interesting that you pay more attention to dresses and skirts. I think it’s probably the same for me; I have been trying to dress up a bit more. I used to wear really casual clothes, haha. Perhaps we just want to impress our guys. 8) But then again, James doesn’t have the greatest taste in clothes.. bahahaha.

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