I hit 2000 non-spam comments today! Thank you so much to everyone. Comment #2000 was from Cody. Many thanks to everyone who’ve commented over the last year and a bit.

In regards to my name, I answer to both ‘Muh-chelle/Ma-chelle” and “Me-chelle”. I mean, as long as I can recognize what someone is saying, I’m pretty good with answering to it. I generally do not answer to things such as “Hey you” or “You there”… Just out of principle.

Today was one of the more stressful days that I’ve undergone since… I can remember. I’m sure after I’m done writing this, I can come up with a whole bucketful of stressful situations that I have undergone (involving small flimsy-looking bridges, heights, turbulence in planes and waiting to see if I failed a course or not… Apparently I don’t need to wait until I’m done writing!). I had course registration today at 9am.

At 8:45am, I checked my draft course schedule and one of my labs (which is a nice 3 hour block of time!) was full. So I spent 10 minutes rearranging things so I could fit in the lab (somewhere) and still manage to get all my other classes. I put in two math courses into my draft schedule (two different ones) so when I hit ‘Register All’, I could attempt to get into at least one of the courses. There was a social science/commerce calculus class and an engineering calculus class. Guess which one I snagged the last seat in? Of course, the engineering calculus. Why? Because someone out there has a faster trigger finger than I’ve got. I hated people for approximately 2 and a half hours.

And then, on a whim, I checked courses again. And there were 3 spots available at an earlier math course – the one for social sciences too! I registered for that class first and then once I saw that I had registered into it, I dropped the (harder) engineering math class. So now for second term, I end at noon for Mondays and Fridays. I’m still trying to get a different time for a (mandatory) tutorial. So crossing fingers for that.

And, like I said, course registration is stressful. Especially when (stupid smarter) people keep on filling up the courses that you want!

But in other news… Today is Tuesday! Monday just seemed to drag on forever for me. One of my coworkers was moving office spaces (there’s a lot of rearranging going on at Buildings A and B at the moment) and she set me up with a small fan because her new space is a lot larger (with it’s own air conditioning) and thinks I’m going to die in the heat. So I now have a small fan that clips onto a small shelf and it’s aimed directly at me. It is a bit slow when it starts off spinning, so it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes for it to actually start spinning fast enough to generate any form of breeze in my general direction. But still, pretty spiffy. Especially since the weather’s been getting nicer lately too.

I need to buy some fray check… Eventually… Soonish… I was reading up on sewing tutorials (it’s been ages since I’ve sewn a thing, and they were specific to sewing dolly clothing) and it was suggested to use fray check (or some variation of it) rather than trying to surge or fold over and hem the seams since the article will be so small and it’ll just add unnecessary bulk. Which I can see happening. So… I need to find fray check. Eventually. If I want to ever do anything involving fabric, haha. But right now I’ve got another sweater on the needles. I’m trying out a different stitch pattern (following the same general amount of stitches and the decreases and increases for shaping, but different stitch pattern), not sure if I like it yet though, so not photos of my badly stitch work.

How was your Tuesday? To my fellow post secondary students… Good luck with course registration if you haven’t done it yet!

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  1. I say both Ma and Me.. So the mystery remains un answered.

    I like Sophies new clothes BTW

    Course registration blows especially since I’m still waitlisted for 2 classes. I’m glaring at the people to drop it…I really am

  2. I absolutely hate online registration. It always stressed me out SO much. I prepared forever on what classes I was going to register for first since I thought they would fill up fast and I would get so angry and panic if it didn’t go my way. Once or twice I had to go on waiting lists and stress out for even longer but it always ended up working out.

    Congrats on 2000 comments! That’s awesome!

  3. registration is always …a task. after my community college got online registration it actually got better because the phone line always went down..

  4. Yay, me!

    Guh… registration. I think I’ve block that from my memory. I would always have the PERFECT schedule worked out, then one full (or canceled) class would throw the whole thing off.

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