Questions from Kelsey:

1. When are you finished work?
My last day is September 4 (Friday).

2. Quickly think of all of the people you know and based on your standards of “defective relationship material” what percent is non-defective?
I laughed when I read this question! Umm, I’d have to say most of them, so probably about 60%. But it doesn’t stop most of them from being in relationships anyways.

3. Favourite death cab song?
Do I have to pick only one? The Sound of Settling, for sure, and A Movie Script Ending.

4. Have you heard the band Hello Dragon? Look them up and download the singles off their website. They make me happy =)
No, I haven’t. I’m downloading as I type! (For those curious: is where you go for free downloads!)

5. How excited are you for school to start? =P
Umm, excited in the way that I don’t have to get all stressed out by work anymore (I’d just be stressed out by school instead – I don’t think that’s much better). Not excited to pay tuition or buy textbooks, but I’m excited for something new and challenging.

Question from Becca:

1. Do you keep a scrapbook?
I’ve always meant to keep a scrapbook. I started one when I was younger (and when I was in Girl Guides) but it’s remained unfinished for years now. I was given a scrapbook that was done by my friends for my 18th birthday… Does that count? But no, I don’t scrapbook myself. Even though I own the fancy scissors for edgings, loads of ribbon, cardstock, pretty scrapbooking paper and even 2 12×12 scrapbooks that are currently blank (I occasionally use them as backgrounds for taking photos of stuff).

Questions from Caity:

1. What kind of shampoo do you use?
I am currently using Garnier Fructis. But I have no brand loyalty when it comes to shampoo (soap on the other hand, I almost always use something that has and smell like shea butter).

2. What is your favorite cool drink to quench your thirst?
Water (if I’m feeling boring) and iced tea.

3. If you could be anywhere in the world where would you go?
For vacationing, I’m assuming… I’d go to… Europe! I haven’t been to all the countries yet. Or Hong Kong or Australia or New Zealand or Japan… Let’s just say I’d want to be in loads of places. If I had the time and money.

4. If money was no option and you had to buy yourself something selfish that you wanted, what would it be?
Ohh, so many choices. I think right now, if money was not an option and I had to buy something incredibly selfish, I’d buy a country… One that’s already established and self-sufficient. Barring that, I’d buy Blythe dolls by the buckets! (Not very practical, but they’re so much fun.)

Questions from Jenna:

1. Which upcoming movie are you excited for?
Umm… The Time Traveler’s Wife! I’m going to see if I can get Clay to see it with me (and Clay, if you’re reading this, pretty please with a cherry on top?)

2. Which Blythe would you get next?
If money was not an option, I’d get one of each. ^^ But since money is an option… I’d like to get either: Fruit Punch, Piccadilly, Honey Bunny Once More, Friendly Freckles or… Simply Peppermint. Or Prima Dolly Peony. Or… It’s an never ending list, isn’t it? I would love to get a Blythe from the BL mold (Rosie Red! Non-encore version!) for sure, one day… Before they get too expensive (even though they already are?). There’s a lot of dolls that I want to get. FAO Hollywood is also on the list, as well as Prima Dolly Amaryllis… Bet you’re sorry you asked now, eh?

Thanks for the questions everyone! If anyone has any more questions, feel free to ask and I’ll include them in my next entry.

So, as some of you might recall, I mentioned having to move all my stuff from Building A to Building B in a recent entry (Work blues…) and this move (for me) was supposed to occur early this week (my supervisor say Wednesday at the latest). It’s Thursday and I’m still completely at Building A. Tomorrow is Friday and there has been no mention of me moving to Building B tomorrow. So not this week, perhaps? Today has been another bleh today. Work people were awful at teasing me today. Oh well… Only 16 more work days left…

Holy crap, only 16 more work days. After that, it’s 3 days of break and then it’s back to school with me for about 3+ months then Christmas break… Time flies when you’re having fun…? Maybe. I didn’t realize it was going to be ending so soon (but then, I suppose, it is August and all). I need to write an email to volunteering soon to let the coordinator that I will be changing my volunteering days/times again. I’m thinking Fridays after school again, but since I get off school at 1, I’ll probably do about 2 hours/week again. I might switch it to Tuesdays, because then I could get there by 11 and they allow volunteers to stay until 4:30… Maybe. Not sure yet. I’ll probably start off at about 2 hours a week and then see how many hours I can handle with my course load (only 4 courses/semester next year, for both semesters – but the courses are pretty study-intensive…).

My plan(s) for tonight involve crocheting… I’m making little bunny stuffies! I will totally take photos when I’m done. I also have a few more ideas when it comes to jewellery. I have a necklace and earring set that I’m practically dying to make and my sister went and picked up the clear beads that I was kinda missing to ‘complete’ what I was going for, yay for J! So I’ll be crafting a lot tonight, which should be fun. Overall, I’m feeling rather productive today. I got a lot of stuff done at work, none of which was particularly fun, but I got it done. So I actually kind of find it odd that I’m feeling like being productive tonight, but stranger things have happened before, I suppose!

Anyways… I’m off to go be productive and crafty and whatnot… I hope everyone had a great Thursday and an even better Friday!

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  1. Oh! You’re looking forward to that movie too?! 😀 I convinced Royce to take me after much insinuating, coaxing, and a bit of begging :3 of course, now I have to buy him Pinkberry, but it’s all worth it for a movie that looks as cute as The Time Traveler’s Wife.

  2. Way to work right until the end of the summer =( If you can’t convince Clay to go see the Time Traveller’s Wife with you, I will.
    Btw, I was searching through my shell (because regular jewelry boxes are boring) that I keep all my nice earrings in, hoping I had accidently put my ring in there. As I was doing this, I was noticing how many pairs of earrings were made by you. Somewhere close to 50%. Be proud =)

  3. Awesome! Thanks for answering my questions! Your own country! Damn, girl! You definitely can think on the big scales! 😉

    I would pick water over anything too! And iced tea is always my second choice! I love it. They don’t seem to have iced tea in New Zealand.

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