[Side note for Dane: your 5 words are: (1) Disney, (2) relationships, (3) family, (4) future and (5) independence]

Sunday was briefly eventful. Volunteering went splendid, I helped out with the trivia game and the residents really seem to enjoy it (especially when one person realizes that they’ve been answering correctly more than everyone else – at which point they start bragging about it!). I had a pretty low-key time there, beyond helping out with serving people and whatnot. Some of the residents who previously kept on forgetting my name are actually remembering who I am now (I was never issued a name tag and most of the staff recognize me now).

And speaking of name tags… I got one at work. But instead of my photo, because I’m a temporary full-time employee, I get a visitor’s tag. In place of a photo is a filled in rectangle and the word ‘VISITOR’ printed across it. It’s become the butt of a lot of jokes so far. D stopped me in the hallway today and this exchange occurred:

D: Excuse me, I’m going to need to see some photo id.
M: -glare- You know who I am, D.
D: I’m sorry, company policy is that everyone needs to have photo id on them at all times.
M: Jerk.
D: -smiles- Thank you, “Visitor”! I try my best. [He did air quotes…]

Overall, worked rather sucked today. It was long and boring and I wasn’t particularly productive today. I haven’t moved over to Building B yet… I’m not sure when I’m moving now because my boss hasn’t told me the date. He said he’d give me a day or two’s notice so I actually have time to gather up all my crap stuff.

Sunday evening was rather… interesting, to say the least. I had an awful fight with Clay to the point where we were saying very hurtful, snarky, snippy and just plain cruel things to each other. I ended up driving out to see him (which, in itself, sucked as I don’t have a lot of experience with driving at night and I was being emotional and I hate driving and it was a fairly far drive). We patched things up. I glowered a lot at him… But we talked things through and we parted on pretty good terms as I needed to go home and he needed to work and whatnot. In a way, while I absolutely hate fighting with him, I think we do come a little bit closer together each time. Like we’re usually pretty good about letting the other person know when something’s bothering us, but sometimes it just gets out of hand. But when we’re able to step back and actually look at things from the other person’s point of view, it does help. And I do realize that I often talk only about the bad things that happen and it really does make it seem like all we do is fight at the time. Which isn’t the case. We have loads of wonderful moments when we’re not being hurtful and snarky and snippy… I just don’t document them as often? I don’t know. I should write more nice things regarding our relationship before everyone ends up thinking that I’m in some relationship that’s just full of arguments and fighting all the time and starts trying to get me into counselling or something.

And… I still hate night driving , I’m not big on the whole ‘lack of light and the lines need to be repainted badly as I can’t tell where the line is between my lane and the ones next to me… But it was okay, I got home in one piece and I wasn’t mad anymore, which was awesome as well.

I had K over tonight, which was great because I needed some girls night in time and I haven’t seen her in ages, it seems! I introduced her to my dolls and she picked up Sophie and pulled on the string and just went “That’s really loud…” at the sound that the doll makes when you’re changing eye colours. It’s a kind of a ‘ka-plunk’ sound… It’s hard to describe, really. But we just had a nice time hanging out and chatting. We covered work, school, boyfriends, general life occurrences… It was good, catching up.

Every single time I spend time with one of my friends from high school, I always kind of mentally kick myself for not making plans earlier because we all live within like a 5 block radius so it shouldn’t be that difficult to be able to see one another, but we’ve all been so busy… There’s summer courses (not for me!), work (full time and part time), family vacations (… not for me) and then just general, people have plans with other people, or they have dates or they’re just too tired from work to do anything else besides chill on their couch with a doll (… I think this only applies to me though). But it’s still good, to get to catch up with people.

Monday questions for you:

  1. When you get upset with someone (anyone), what do you do for comfort?
  2. How close to your friends do you live?
  3. What candy-eating quirks do you have, if any?

My answers:

  1. It’s usually curling up in my bed or on my couch with a blanket and either a stuffed animal (usually my favourite bear) or a Blythe doll (well, since I got them – so since late June).
  2. To most of them, it’s probably about a 5 block radius, at most… For some, it’s a smidgen further, but not too much.
  3. I pour candy out and separate them by colour. Then, I generally pick the group that has the most and eat that group first and work my way to the group that has the least. This only applies to candy like Skittles or M&Ms, this doesn’t apply to things like gummy bears, because I’ll just decapitate them and eat them in whichever order I happen to pick them up in.

4 Responses

  1. The visitor tag thing is kind of funny, like something that would happen in a sitcom. Sorry it happened to you!

    Ah, don’t worry too much about always documenting the bad things about a relationship. I think it’s just human tendency to like to read/talk about “bad things” more. Kind of like on the side of cereal boxes, they have a phone number where you can phone in for questions, comments or complaints. But nobody ever phones in to make a comment, just make complaints. For the person receiving the call, they might think they’re just getting complaints all the time, when really, the people who think the cereal is good just don’t really feel like it’s worth making a phone call.

    Did that even make sense? I think I totally rambled off topic there …

  2. Aww, that is so cute about the volunteering trivia game. It’s nice they remember your name now. I bet you get such satisfaction from that. I totally would. 😀

    Jinny beat me to it, but I was totally going to say the same thing about the visitor tag incident reminding me of a sitcom. I must admit I giggled at your expense! Sorry!

    I’m sorry you had a fight with Clay. Fights are never fun but they’re totally normal. The thing I love hearing you write about is that you always talk it through. That’s so incredibly important. Josh and I always do the same thing and I completely agree that it brings you closer as a couple. Josh and I had an argument last night too but we talked it through before the night was over and things are fine now. Plus, guys tend to forget about things WAY faster than we do so he’s probably forgotten about it already. *hugs*

    1. When you get upset with someone (anyone), what do you do for comfort?
    I get very quiet and hurt. I listen to music, blog, read, or distract myself some other way.

    2. How close to your friends do you live?
    My two closest friends live 20 minutes and 45 minutes away.

    3. What candy-eating quirks do you have, if any?
    I don’t really eat a lot of candy at all. Can’t remember the last time I have.

  3. Your volunteering sounds like so much fun. 😀 One of my favorite things to do when I was a member of Key Club in high school (a community service group) was going to the local nursing home and assisting with Bingo. It was hilarious to see the reactions of those who won, and so much fun talking to whomever I happened to be sitting by that week. 🙂

    Ugh, so sorry to hear about your fight, but great to see that you worked it out and are stronger because of it. 🙂 Even if we don’t hear about your “happy moments” together so much, I think that we can still see how healthy of a relationship you have because you DO fight, and work it out and are stronger because of it. 😀

    I don’t like driving at night either. I don’t like driving at all much. XD I’m looking forward to giving it up when I move to the city — hello public transportation and biking/walking! 😀

    1. I read a lot. It lets me escape from the present and return calmer and much more relaxed so I can deal with the problem rationally and with a clear head. 🙂 I also play music a lot. ^.^
    2. My friends are all relatively close; within a fifteen minute drive. One friend’s house seems to be pretty much a central point between everyone, so we seem to meet up there a lot. XD
    3. I don’t really have any candy quirks, except when I eat my M&Ms; they must be separated by color, and then eaten in ascending order based on the number within that color group. XD

  4. Haha, actually, most of the “Freshman Fifteen” comes from the amount of drinking people do once they get to college and have such easy access. But I am really not a fan of such parties, or drinking in general, so I’m definitely avoiding that issue. XD
    Thankfully, OSU has a lot of range in the available food on campus, so I should easily be able to make healthy decisions. 😀

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