I’m not sure what is wrong with me lately, but I have actually been waking up at decent times this weekend! Like instead of sleeping until 11pm or noon (like I normally do), I’ve been getting up at around 8 or 9am. And while this is still later than my alarm for the weekdays is set (currently it’s set at 6:15am – for my last work week, it’ll be set consistently earlier to get me used to waking up at absurdly early times as once I start school, I’m be getting up at 5am on a daily basis!).

Speaking of school… I’m still waiting for my school to post up the textbook list as it is not up yet (only 2 more weeks until the start of term – what kind of shenanigans are they trying to pull here?). I still need to pay tuition (next weekend, I’m off to the bank to do a transfer), but I need them to correct what I “owe” the school. Right now they still list my deposit for the summer term (the deposit holds my place and covers partial student fees) but since I never took summer classes, that fee should have been removed from my account but they state that any funds paid into my account are used on the oldest item first so I need them to fix that so I don’t have to pay an extra $100 when I never even stepped foot on campus all summer long. But, I do have one awesome thing to say about my school… Someone had dropped out of one of the tutorials that was at a much better time for one of my second term classes! So I switched out of the one I was in (3-4pm on a Wednesday) to a nicer time (1-2pm on a Monday). So I’ll be staying at school an extra 2 hours on Mondays (as there’s a gap), but it’s a lot better than staying an extra 4 hours!

Volunteering went well today, I supervised one of the programs and helped out where needed. J was gossiping and telling me that L didn’t show up today because she was “sick”. Then J’s voice dropped in volume and told me that she saw L last night at a club and that L was completely drunk. But L sounded so pitiful on the phone this morning, J said she didn’t have the heart to tell her that ‘being sick’ is not the same as ‘having a hangover’. But the volunteering itself went well. I did, however, get asked if a toddler that was running around (belonged to one of the staff members) was mine by one of the residents. To which I went “… I do not have any children. At all.” and that was followed up by “Are you sure?” coming from a different resident. Because one of them was pregnant with their 4th child by the time that they were 19 and since I’m 19, I should be getting caught up soon. I choked on the water that I was drinking at that point! But needless to say, I do enjoy the conversations that I have with the residents, even when they’re asking me if I have 4 kids yet.

I got some work done on my websites, various pages on various sites (I realized today how many fanlistings I have… It’s a lot.) so I’m feeling like I’ve been rather productive, which is always an awesome feeling.

What did you get up to today? How was your Sunday?

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  1. When I open at work, I’m up at 4AM and off by 5 to start at 6:15 😛 I love those shifts, though, nothing like driving by my lonesome with the other owls on the freeway.

    I have to finish up my financial aid and pay for classes too x_x

    Today was okay for me, I had work and people were pretty insane, as usual. I had a small argument with Royce too :c I realized I never blog about when we fight while you mostly blog about you and Clay fighting. Don’t feel alone, I have my fights too :3

  2. Yay for getting up earlier! It’s always to get into a better routine before school starts instead of going into shock all of a sudden.

    I hate waiting for textbook lists. I think they post them late on purpose so you have to buy books from the school bookstore instead of buying them cheaper online. Devils.

    I’m glad that you were able to get into a better time slot for one of your classes though! YAY!

    Now go make some babies or something.

  3. I usually get up at like 7 and force myself to sleep for an hour or two more.

    I’m also waiting for my textbook lists =(

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