~$150 that I will be spending tomorrow at the (non-school) bookstore on a textbook on cell biology.

My social life (… I had one? Ever?), or rather, the ‘social life’ that masqueraded as one. (Note: It is common for social lives to disappear from approximately September to April, especially if one is attending a post secondary institution and drowning themselves in classes – and I was actually considering taking five classes this year. Luckily, I did not lose my brain entirely.)

A brand new black ink cartridge for my printer. Have you seen it? It’s still in its box, with the receipt around it. And is HP #54.

Sleep. Waking up at 5:15am every day (including weekends, as I cannot afford to miss an organic chemistry or cell biology lecture. EVER. I’m currently taking a break from reviewing basic organic chemistry from last year because… I’m stupid? Yeah, let’s go with that.) Luckily, I try to go bed fairly early (I aim for between 10 and 11pm for my ‘bedtime’… I figure 6-7 hours is pretty decent enough.)

Boyfriend time! I’m pretty sure (but not absolutely positive) I got too used to seeing him nearly every day for four months. Rather sucks, to be perfectly honest.

My sanity. If you’ve seen it, it’s probably a bit scared. Try to coax it with either: glass or crystal beads, silk/merino yarn (the $50/skein stuff will work just fine) or the promise of sleep. Just to prove that I have lost my sanity – finishing classes for the day at 1pm or 12:30 or 9:30am doesn’t mean that I will be going home early. No, no… It just means that I have all the more time to spend time in the library. Reading. Studying. Reviewing. Writing notes.

Oh, and learning all that I never actually retained from chemistry last year. Reading, writing notes, reviewing, understanding and… studying. Oh, I have such fun plans sorted out for myself this term.

I feel sick.

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