So the person I was meeting today to sell my psych textbook to today missed her bus (or something…) so she didn’t get to school on time and we set up a new meeting date/time (Wednesday!) so hopefully that pans out. Because I would like money. Because… after paying tuition and allocating enough for books + tuition for next term… I’m kinda brokish. Also, I’m selling my biology text tomorrow, so that should be fine (the person emailed me to remind me about it).

School was okay today. I got a little overwhelmed in organic chemistry today and I went home after all my classes to work on the assignments that are due next Tuesday (there are ten assignments up already and six are due on Tuesday, September 22 – one of them has 25 problems!). And let’s just say that my jaw dropped a bit and I’m pretty sure I made a whimpering sound. But the first 4 aren’t really assignments, they’re tutorials (as I mentioned yesterday) which are for participation marks only (yay!) but there wasn’t 10 assignments up yesterday, so I kinda went “Fuck.” when I saw that. I’m nearly done all the tutorials and I’m done half of one of the review assignments already! (… Which has all of 2 problems and I did 1 of 2, haha). I’m going to be working on those all this week, I’m pretty sure. I’d start on the other four (for marks!) but I haven’t learned any of that stuff yet.

My biology and psychology class went well today. We found out how we’re getting extra credit in psychology (1 hour participating as a ‘human subject’ in a psych experiment and up to 4% in online discussions), which is pretty cool. All we learned today in that class is how a zygote develops to a blastocyst then to an embryo and then a foetus. Which was pretty much review from my human anatomy and physiology class last year, so I was quite pleased with that (since I also remembered most of it too! … unlike organic chemistry). Yeah, you know when I’m a biology geek when I start using ‘blastocyst’ on my blog.

Oh! And further geekery, in my biology class (one of two, this one is all about plants!), we “learned” about taxonomy and I’m sure you’ve all heard about it before: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. But we had to “add” two to the list. Domain (goes before Kingdom) and Sub Phylum. In other words, that great “phrase” that I learned in high school (King Phillip Comes Over For Great Sex) needs to be revised just a bit… I’m thinking something along the lines of “Denmark’s King Phillip’s Servant Comes Over For Great Sex”. Or something. I’m not sure yet. But seriously… Total geek here, at least when it comes to biology.

Anyways, just so that you aren’t incredibly bored with all my talk of classes, assignments, and kinky mnemonics, here’s a photo that I took today after school at home. I’m actually quite pleased with this shot, it was hard to take because it was a little windy, because I’m afraid of spiders and because the spider kept on moving (damn you, eight legs!). But here it is! This little bugger is in my front yard between a bush and a small decorative brick wall.

Hello, Mister Spider

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  1. Ugh! Gaw! Nasty little spider! D<

    Here's a book-buying experience of my own for you… I found a girl on MySpace selling a book for a class I needed, so I met up with her, paid her, etc. I get to class… wrong book. It was the book the professor listed as required reading for the LAST semester's class, not my semester's. Holy hell! So I called her and we met up again to re-exchange 😛 hahaha, I'm sure she hated me.

    I totally never paid attention in anatomy and physiology, so I had no idea about the zygote and the blastocyst and whatever and whatnot and eep XD

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