When things go wrong…

Written on September 15, 2009 at 10:12 pm
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(I’ve been a fan of doing list blog entries lately, gets the point across and I spend less time typing.)

  • My school’s website is slow tonight – I can still access some parts of it, if I want to wait 5+ minutes for each page to load.
  • The server that they use for the online course websites (where I access online notes, to either save or print out, and online quizzes) is down/on the fritz. It loaded the header and that’s it.
  • The non-school website where I go to do organic chemistry problems? Also down. Won’t allow me to input my answers (on the bright side, it won’t count my attempt to input my answers as an incorrect attempt on the problem).

Computer/server issues? Apparently comes in threes.

The meeting I had planned to sell my biology textbook to a girl on campus went very smoothly. She arrived there before I did (a first!) and seemed quite happy to have it (and I was quite happy to have more money than I did when I woke up this morning). I did make a new meeting time with the girl who flaked on me on Monday, so hopefully that pans through. I did get her cell phone number this time, in case I need to call her. So, crossing fingers here! My sister joked that all my selling textbook money is going to be renamed to ‘dolly fund’. And chances are… it won’t be (at last I don’t plan for it to be).

Had quite a bit of fun at school. Got some freebies (avoided the people who were trying to get students to sign up for credit cards with the promise of a free shirt or water bottle) in the form of candies (new flavour or whatnot, didn’t like it), pens (heart pens) and mini Sharpie markers with the name of a large telephone company on them. Not a fan of the name being all over them, but I’m sure that can be removed. I do like the colours though (dark blue and lime-ish green!) and it came on a lanyard, fancy-shmancy. Class went well (only had one) and then I spent time in the library working on psychology and caught up with M, who’s in my psychology class. I never used to like her (attended the same high school for all four years), but once I got to know her, I actually find that I sort of like her. Granted, she’s still got a know-it-all facade, but she’s quite nice… A little into using hyperboles, but still nice.


  1. What is one thing that you got for free recently?
  2. What’s the last technology-related issue that you had?

5 Responses to “When things go wrong…”

  1. Jinny says:

    Now I’m all curious as to who M is lol

  2. Jonna says:

    Computer/server issues come in threes? I thought they came in nines. >_<' *kicks Vista* They actually hunt for people at college to sign up for credit cards? Young people who most likely will create shitloads of debt?

    Crazy. Wrong & crazy. *nod*

    1. A professional did my make-up today. For free.
    2. Trying to get studio mix to work in Vista. I ended up breaking the entire Line Out plug-thingy. Go me!

  3. Jonna says:

    …yeah, and your blog ate my comment. Why does everyone’s blog eat my comments? :'(

  4. Dane says:

    Free things on campus are awwwwwesome! I hope freebies are handed out when school starts; hopefully Sharpies like you got, or at least something useful. Perhaps coupons for Subway, or something. Students gotta eat and all.

    1. I haven’t gotten any freebies recently, how sad :c
    2. My laptop would not turn on, so after it did the repairs thing it shut down. But it’s fine now, god my laptop can be so weird.

  5. Becky says:

    I hate it when schools websites don’t work properly. I’ve yet to have any problems at my current university, but it’ll probably happen soon. I hope that it’s all sorted out for you now!

    1. I got a free pen from a bank recently. I never buy pens, I always stock up on freebies haha.
    2. My mobile phones alarm clock was acting strangely, fortunately turning it off and on again resolved the problem.

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