3 for 3 for textbook sales this term 🙂 I’m quite pleased, especially since all three books that I sold I had bought brand new (sure, I took a loss on the total cost – but they were all for 100-level classes… And I didn’t need a general psychology, family development or biology text lying around.).

I did take a looksee and what texts I have kept since starting university. They are mostly English texts (novels, short story collections, a grammar guide, anthologies), my human anatomy and physiology textbook set (with the this great photo book of the inside of the human body – I love it), general physics textbook set (couldn’t resell – they changed form 1st to 2nd edition once I was done with it) and general chemistry textbook set (… no one seems to want to buy it – I’ve set up 3+ meetings with people to buy it… they all magically don’t show up, or have found someone else to buy it from… bleh). So mostly texts that I’ve kept because I liked them or just can’t get rid of them. Good fun, isn’t it? But… you know one is a bit of a dork when she flips through a biology textbook… for fun. It makes excellent bedtime reading. Honest.

Went to my first cell biology tutorial today (it’s mandatory, makes up 25% of my final grade)… I was not really impressed with my TA. She seems quite intelligent (second year in her Masters program) and everything but… She didn’t seem to have a very good grasp on English, the room was quite small (maybe half the size of a regular high school room – based on what I encountered in high school) and people in the back of the small room couldn’t hear what she said. Her writing was small, cramped and messy… And she didn’t seem to quite know what she was supposed to do (she did mention that it was the first time she was a TA for a class though). But it wasn’t a very good first impression. There’s 3 Michelle’s in my tutorial class though, and we had to introduce ourselves to the class by going up to the board, drawing an organelle and introducing ourselves and ‘our’ organelle.

“Hi, I’m Michelle and I couldn’t really think of anything to draw, so that’s the cristae and matrix of the mitochondria.”

Hello, dorkdom!

I’ve also signed up for a first aid course with my friend, J. We arrived at the place where the courses take place and mentioned which one we wanted to sign up for. Then the girl at the desk was like “Oh, we have openings for this weekend…” So yeah, going to do a first aid course this weekend, working studying and notes around that time. It’s only a 2 day course and it should be fairly easy going.

** Can’t believe I’ve devoted yet another entry entirely to school… **


  1. What’s the dorkiest thing that you’ve done in the last 24 hours?
  2. What’s the longest time you’ve spent on public transit? (Transfers between buses and trains do count.)
  3. What’s your favourite brand/type of candy? (I want suggestions!)

My answers:

  1. Read a biology textbook – for fun.
  2. 2+ hours…
  3. Skittles! And gummy bears.

4 Responses

  1. Yay first aid! Hopefully your course will be chill like mine was and you’ll finish early =)

    And question time…

    1. I played Rockband? Seriously, all I’ve done today is read, do schoolwork, play rockband, eat and go to work.
    2. Well, there was that one day when Carolyn and I spent 6 hours on transit, a ferry and transit again. Ugggh.
    3. Swedish berries. Or green apple licorice. But I can’t remember the brand. I’ll just buy you random candy for your birthday =)

  2. Congrats on getting textbooks at a decent price. I can’t believe how expensive they are! I remember going shopping with my husband for them and watching in amazement as he paid over $400 for a semester’s worth. Eesh!

    1. I begged Dan to play Guitar Hero with me. I also downloaded some of the soundtrack music from Little Big Planet.

    2. Does a train count? If so, then 6 hours. I rode a commercial train (Amtrak) several times to visit my husband when he was away at college, He was 250 miles away – 4.5 hours or so by vehicle. And 6ish by train (all of the stops took time).

    3. Chocolate candy: Hershey’s cookies & creme. Regular candy: Starburst

  3. 1. um i don’t know anything from the last 24 hrs lol. i am basically full out dork so there should have been something…
    2. um probably somewhere between 20-45min back when i was away at school
    3. not much on candy. i like this candybar called Skor..and I like the almond snickers because i’m allergic to peanuts

    I hate introductions. I am so glad most of my teachers quit doing those. mostly in my program we had the same students/teachers alot so we didnt have to anymore. and omg if i had to draw something it would be a disaster!

  4. You awful nerd, you! Writing about school X3 I’d be excited about selling my books back, though, more money! Problem is, I’ve never been able to find a buyer so I’ve always ended up selling back to my school. And we all know what that means: 🙁

    1. Played Neopets 😛
    2. Not long. The only times I’ve taken the bus were when I had to get from school to home, so each ride was only like a 20 minutes or so.
    3. M&Ms, without a doubt! Milk or dark chocolate. Yummy :3

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