The plan for the next few days is:

I have such a fun weekend planned for myself…

What do you have planned this weekend?

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  1. My bad, I haven’t been here for a while.

    Hope your able to have a weekend between of all that. I’m glad to hear that you got helpful help 🙂

    I’m heading into the interior for the last race of the season. Its gonna be interesting to see how Kelowna looks like after the fires.

  2. >.< I don't want to go to school anymore after reading all your university-related posts. Did I mention my new university is a quarter-system school whilst my community college, which I attended for three years, was semester-system? It's going to KILL me, I tell you!

    -poke poke- so during my trip to Little Tokyo I walked into a Japanese bookstore and found the perfect Christmas present for you! I'm serious, you'd love it! 😀 I looked at it and was like, "Michelle would love that!"

  3. Like Kim said… my bad for not dropping by. *trembles* Do forgive me!

    I use Avast! I think the exclamation point is supposed to be part of the name. I forgot. It does a superb job though. When I visit a site and it has a virus, it makes a siren noise and this voice says, “A virus has been detected!” I have been trying to keep my laptop clean and neat though. But my My Pictures folder… gosh, why do I mess that up all the time? XP

    I think the lists are a good idea to summarise your blogs. Though, I like typing, so I prefer to write in small paragraphs, I guess. 😛

    The wireless at uni is crap, full stop. Although last semester I remember being in this TERRIBLE room where the wireless cut out very often, and sometimes I could not connect. It was in an underground room with no windows and deep within the building – that might explain it.

    I don’t know profs who stay up late. It seems that my tutors are early morning people, though.

    Good luck with those reviews and studying! 🙂 Fortunately I am on “study break”. 😛

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