What I’ve learned (so far this term)

Written on September 17, 2009 at 8:53 pm
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  • Organic chemistry is difficult. Even when you actually do understand the concepts. And it just doesn’t appear that way. (Example: resonance structures.)
  • Everything is reading intensive. Biology? Reading intensive. Organic chemistry? Reading intensive. Psychology? Somewhat reading intensive.
  • That my biology lab is pretty good this term. All the teaching staff (TA, lab coordinator, assorted profs that are associated with my class) are so, so, so helpful. I like them all, and it’s only been the first lab!
  • The wireless internet signal is absolute crap on the lower basement level. Moving up just one floor (to the first basement level) in the library boosts it up in no time.
  • A lot more people post on online discussions for 200-level science courses than they did for 100-level science courses. Including me.
  • Profs are a lot more dedicated to what they’re teaching in 200-level science classes. One of my profs? He’ll answer questions way after traditional office hours –  he posted a reply at 2am!
  • Keeping up on doing notes for all classes is hard. (And I’ve already cut back on basically all television time to make room for doing notes and reviewing.)

The plan for the next few days is:

  • Reviewing resonance structures (for organic chem) – finishing my “review” assignment.
  • Organic chem readings + assignment (due Sunday – bleh)
  • First aid course (Saturday + Sunday for 8 hours/day – there’s breaks, of course)
  • Catching up on cell biology readings + notes
  • Readings for psychology + notes

I have such a fun weekend planned for myself…

What do you have planned this weekend?

4 Responses to “What I’ve learned (so far this term)”

  1. Kimm says:

    My bad, I haven’t been here for a while.

    Hope your able to have a weekend between of all that. I’m glad to hear that you got helpful help 🙂

    I’m heading into the interior for the last race of the season. Its gonna be interesting to see how Kelowna looks like after the fires.

  2. Dane says:

    >.< I don't want to go to school anymore after reading all your university-related posts. Did I mention my new university is a quarter-system school whilst my community college, which I attended for three years, was semester-system? It's going to KILL me, I tell you!

    -poke poke- so during my trip to Little Tokyo I walked into a Japanese bookstore and found the perfect Christmas present for you! I'm serious, you'd love it! 😀 I looked at it and was like, "Michelle would love that!"

  3. Dane says:

    Why do my comments not go through?! D<

  4. Georgina says:

    Like Kim said… my bad for not dropping by. *trembles* Do forgive me!

    I use Avast! I think the exclamation point is supposed to be part of the name. I forgot. It does a superb job though. When I visit a site and it has a virus, it makes a siren noise and this voice says, “A virus has been detected!” I have been trying to keep my laptop clean and neat though. But my My Pictures folder… gosh, why do I mess that up all the time? XP

    I think the lists are a good idea to summarise your blogs. Though, I like typing, so I prefer to write in small paragraphs, I guess. 😛

    The wireless at uni is crap, full stop. Although last semester I remember being in this TERRIBLE room where the wireless cut out very often, and sometimes I could not connect. It was in an underground room with no windows and deep within the building – that might explain it.

    I don’t know profs who stay up late. It seems that my tutors are early morning people, though.

    Good luck with those reviews and studying! 🙂 Fortunately I am on “study break”. 😛

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