Friday went pretty okay… I attended all my classes (and didn’t fall asleep during my psychology lecture, yes! I did, however, daydreamed a bit while my prof went onto yet another tangent and stuttered throughout the entire thing) and I met a girl on campus who also crochets. We found each other via a crafting website that we both frequent and she brought along a really awesome project while I started a mobius scarf for my sister (although, after getting to be about a third of the way through, I kind of want to keep it now…). It was really nice to meet someone else (besides my own sister, hah) who also crochets. I do have friends that knit and do other crafty things (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpting, design jewellery), but I haven’t found anyone else who’s crocheted (until yesterday). So that was fun, during my break.

Volunteering was so much fun yesterday – the residents asked me if I had ever played Crib (Cribbage) before (the answer? No). So they taught me how to play (sort of, haha) so they could have someone new at their tournament, next week (gahhhhh, the pressure!). They didn’t teach me how to count how many points I’d get at the end of the round, so I was rather confused. But it was fun. I highly doubt that I’ll be able to play in their tournament though, so I might just play refreshments girl and serve everyone with chips and such.

Last night, I watched Grey’s Anatomy was recorded (premiere was on Thursday night), the episode(s) was entitled “Good Mourning; Goodbye” and focused on the days after the death of one of the ‘main’ characters from the ensemble cast. It was sad and, at times, incredibly funny. It dealt with the grief that the characters went through, how everyone dealt with it differently and it was interesting to see how they all went through the stages of grief. Some of them didn’t accept it, some of them were angry and some of them couldn’t really seem to figure out a way to move on. But overall, it was an excellent way to start off season 6 of one of my favourite television shows.

Coincidentally, my family got a phone call at around 3am this morning and it was from one of our relatives (one of my aunts, I believe) who lives overseas. We were informed that one of my uncles (who’s in his 70s, but was in overall good health, despite being a smoker for pretty much his entire adult life) had died. So naturally, today has been pretty somber in terms of the mood in my house. We went out for lunch (had dim sum – which was delicious but rather pricey at the place that we went!), which was pretty okay. Also, we’ve been getting a lot of international calls in the last 12 hours from relatives to talk about it. Actually, right now my dad’s on the phone with one of his sisters about the funeral arrangements and helping to take care of my aunt (the one that was married to my uncle who had just passed away – both of them were retired and living on savings and contributions by my uncle’s younger siblings). So it’s a lot of serious talk going on right now, and I need to go and help out with preparing dinner (… yes, I can cook edible food. Sometimes. I’m a lot better at baking though, good thing I have a bit of a sweet tooth, eh?).

Also, I’d gone shopping today with the family and ended up picking out an outfit for the girls, photos are on Flickr and some commentary is over at my dolly blog.

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