Ohmiflippingosh – an entry that’s not a list. I think I’ve lost my mind (or found it?).

I got my in-class (erm, tutorial) essay back that I wrote last week (20 minutes, 1 essay, gahhhh). I’ve mentioned my TA before, she doesn’t speak up and doesn’t ooze confidence towards the material. We got to do a midterm evaluation of the tutorials, of our TA’s and of our peer tutors (each lecture section gets 1 undergraduate student for a TA that gets called a peer tutor). I adore the peer tutor, he answers any question related to the course content (and some that aren’t, as I’ve witnessed on the discussion boards) within 1-2 hours. And that’s someone who’s in their 3rd or 4th year and doing a full course load. So, yeah, impressed. Now my TA… I haven’t had anyone mess up my (first) name that badly in years. There are 3 Michelle’s in my tutorial (two others and me) and the variations of attempts that she made at our name included Michelina, Mikhellan, Mikhail and Mika-elle. We were all a little confused. Also, she thought it was Michael before someone asked to see the name and told her that it was ‘Michelle’. Joy… Had to dig my paper out of the pile after before I could leave (I wanted to know how I did – 80%, not bad for a rushed, 20 minute essay!) She also had issues pronouncing other names as well, so I wasn’t the only one… Eventually someone just asked for the stack of papers to read out names for my TA.

I’ve got a lab midterm tomorrow morning, and my (second!) attempt at a microscope quiz (… I forgot one thing – he kept on looking over my shoulder to inspect what I was doing, boo) and then I’ve got my psychology midterm on Friday (not sure how well that will go – I’ve done a lot of prep for it, in terms of studying and considering what to write for the possible essay topics – but I’ve never had any marked by that prof or that TA, so I’m not sure how well that could go, haha – one of the reasons why I miss getting a million little quizzes or assignments and getting them back over a longer period of time, but I couldn’t handle it if it was like that for all of my classes).

So last night, in my ‘list’ entry, I mentioned something involving attempting to get the headlight bulbs out of the car (because they weren’t working, whoo…) and then I get a text during my organic chem class from the ever-lovely Clay informing me that the bulbs have been changed, in 10 minutes, no less! My sister and mom were trying to figure out what was wrong and how to change the bulbs for over an hour last night (not quite sure how long they were outside). Of course, this was while R was telling me that the final exam schedule is up.

Crap. I just remembered, the final exam schedule is up. Gah. I’m going to go check it right now…

Dun dun dun… And here it is!

Biology – December 8 (Tuesday) – 7:00pm
O-Chem – December 10 (Thursday) – 3:30pm
Biology – December 14 (Monday) – 8:30am
Psych – December 21 (Monday) – 7:00pm

My last day of lectures is December 4th (Friday). While I’m not quite pleased with the lack of time between my first two exams (… under 2 days, whoot), I am okay the gap of time between my organic chem final and my second biology final and I’m more than okay with the one week gap of time between my biology and my (last!) psychology final. I rather wish my psychology exam was first and that something like organic chem was my last final… But I don’t get to pick the times (unfortunately). And I don’t have an exam on the very last day either (last day is the day after my last exam… that’s a lot of ‘last’s).

So how is everyone doing today?

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  1. final exam schedule are always a blast. mine usually span the whole week, as in 2 on the first day and 2 the last day. its crazy! and then you have all the breaks between them and all that. so glad i lived really close to the school the last time i was dealing with all of that!

  2. Your exam times make me cringe. I don’t even know when my final exams are because Emily Carr is that organized.

  3. Omg, your final exam schedule sucks 🙁 Two evening exams and not finishing until the 21st, booo. If only your school put the exam schedules up when you were choosing courses.
    I’m a little confused as to why Clay changed the lightbulbs in the car though… Where? How? Didn’t this seem a bit weird to your mother?

  4. Ahhh well we haven’t had any notice about the essay as of yet, so I’ll have to see. 🙂

    Congratulations on the 80%! It’s a great mark; I’d be happy with that for a few of my subjects. My grades always fluctuate because I do a hell of a lot better (90%) in some sections of the assignments than others (“unsatisfactory”).

    Your timetable looks a little squished to me! I would really dislike the night sessions.

    Best of luck with the midterm and the quiz. I just cannot work well with someone watching me. I get distracted, by them. DX

    I’m cleaning my room today. 🙂 Internet is being pretty dodgy, so I’m filling the time in, sort of.

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