Current breakdown of my midterms and anything else worth more than 10% that have been written so far this term

Michelle > Cell biology (in class essay) (confirmed)
Michelle < Organic chemistry midterm #1 (confirmed)
Michelle > Plant biology midterm #1 (confirmed)
Michelle > Plant biology lab midterm (confirmed)
Michelle > Infant psychology midterm (not confirmed)
Michelle < Cell biology midterm (not confirmed)

Michelle 4; School: 2

Because, you know, if I don’t see my name in bold enough times, I’m going to start questioning why I’m taking the classes that I am.

Anyways, I had my evening midterm today for my cell biology midterm. It was from 7-8 and my lab ended at 12:30 so I basically spend the 6.5 hours with R (she’s in my biology lab and was taking the same exam). Hello, studying! I wrote out my ‘cheat’ sheet and went over Flash videos online while she was drawing out structures of things that we needed to know. Good fun, right? J called us and wanted to know where we were… R told her the location of a room that didn’t exist (we can’t study with J around – she starts talking or she’ll bring her the BF and spend the entire time talking to him and trying to convince him to skip class). Oh, and her big thing was that she had just started studying for the biology midterm yesterday and really wanted help with the concepts. Do I look like a tutor? (The answer is no, especially when I’m studying for the same exam and would rather just not deal with people who ask me stupid questions, again.)

And I don’t really even know why I’m still awake since I got up at 5am this morning and it’s nearly midnight. And I bitched complained about my sleep deprivation this morning/afternoon/evening. However, all was well after I had dinner (there’s a pizza place at my school and they have really weird ingredients… I opted not to get a slice of something that was completely covered in feta and broccoli and instead opted for bacon and potato… It actually tasted better than it sounds… The potato part tasted like hashbrowns!) and stopped studying (~1 hour before the midterm – I just can never study all the way right up to the point where someone has to ask me to put away my stuff).

And I’m rambling.

So I hope everyone had an awesome Thursday and will have an even better Friday!

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  1. Ah, isn’t midterm week grand? *rolls eyes* I have friends like that too who drive me absolutely up the wall when I’m trying to study. Usually I get stuck in group projects with them and wind up having to do all the work myself. I used to fall for it (being a pushover and all) but now I tell them to buzz off and do their own freaking assignment. XD

    Anyway, good luck with your grades! It sounds like you’ve been working very hard for them. ^_^

  2. Good luck on all the midterms! I think you’re incredible simply for the fact of not breaking down from all the stress, not to mention actually *conquering* all of the midterms.

    Potato and bacon pizza sounds so odd to me! The feta and broccoli actually sounds normal…XD

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