[+2 bonus points if you know the title of the song referenced to in today’s blog entry title! +1 extra bonus point if you can also name the artist behind the song. No search engines!]

I’ll even throw in a hint, the first verse:

Imagine a world without me – say you’re falling apart
Let’s pretend you’ve missed me for a while
Wouldn’t you say you were lonely and love was breaking your heart?
Put on your Sunday best and fake a smile

I’ve been listening to it on repeat today, I actually got tired of listening to Jack’s Mannequin (is that even possible?), so I went and found something new to listen to. And thus have been listening to this song on repeat… all day long. So if you can guess it, you get bonus points. Not quite sure what you’d be using the bonus points for, but that’s okay.

Today’s been fairly relaxed. I only had one class today (… like all Tuesdays!), so I went to the hospital and to the mall after going shopping with my friend. Yeah, those are two places I didn’t expect to put down in sentence, ever. My friend wanted to go to a new store that was on the bus route, so I went with her and I just kind of went ‘wtf’ at all the prices because everything was like 100% [insert name of expensive fibre type here]. I didn’t stay there too long.

I went to a hospital close to school to donate a bunch (17) preemie-sized baby hats (all machine washable; colours included pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and black) at the front desk. The woman was really appreciative and asked me if I wanted a tax receipt for the hats that I bought… I declined because erm, I didn’t buy them? The yarn used was all spring cleaning week pick-ups. I know, it sounds kinda gross, using yarn picked up on the side of the road. But they were all found in plastic bags, they were all dry, and I threw all the hats into the wash before bringing them to the the hospital. Besides… if you ever heard my dad go on and on about green hats, you wouldn’t wear one either. Teehehe. And I went to the mall because I got two copies of the same book for my birthday, so I had to return one of them. Shall be transforming a copy of Story of O to maybe a smutty romance or a crochet pattern book. Also went and got two new shirts – photos eventually, when I get around to it. My sister wanted to steal one of my shirts after she saw it (“Because it looks like it was made for me!”) and for the other shirt, she went “You should never wear this one in public”. Good thing I didn’t buy it for her, right?

Other than that, everything has been going fairly well. Stayed up during my biology class today (despite the utter boredom over material that I learned in greater depth last year). My sister’s been working on a new knitting project and she let me see it today and it looks fabulous. I’m going to try to sneak photos later, it’s a reversible cable knit scarf in this delicious soy-wool blend of yarn, yum.

Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Gah! Those lyrics sound so familiar, but I can’t seem to place them. 🙁 I’ll definitely be checking back to learn what song and artist they dwell from.

    I think it’s beautiful that you’re donating those baby hats. I should do more donating. Especially if you knitted them yourself (or did I read that wrongly)!

  2. MADS LANGER – Fact Fiction

    Thank yee for posting the first verse! i remembered that part when i herd a bit of it on a show a i found this when i goggled what i knew.

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