Today’s been pretty good. I slept in a bit this morning, and did get to class on time this morning (well, I was about 5 minutes late – but my prof had only gone through two lecture slides by the time I got there) and I went to my biology lab. Friend and lab partner, R, was late (it was an optional lab, but it was an open lab to work on our projects). So she was about an hour later, so everyone else was working on their projects, I did my notes, and I played with the mice that were in my room. One of the lab instructor had gotten 3 white lab mice from a colleague, the mice all have tumors, it’s so tragic. But she saw that they had caught my interest, so she told me to go ahead and feed them if I wanted to (so I fed them sunflower seeds, they were so adorable chewing on the seeds!). And then she let me open the cage and pull one out to hold. They’re really adorable mice – white with red eyes and long skinny tails. They were so adorable and squeaked! Ahh, they were so cute. But while I was waiting in that hour, I got the majority of another hat done while doing my notes and waiting for R to arrive while being completely amused by the mice and reviewing my project notes (the 1 page, single spaced, size 12 font, biology project is done, as of ~2:30pm).

Also spent my time on public transit today listen to Hans Langer (again… x many times) and read half of Story of O by Pauline Réage while ignoring crazy, stupid, annoying people that travel on public transit. Which was nice. That being said, some young child asked me what book I was reading while on the bus. Normally when people ask that, I just hold the book up to flash them the cover. But instead, I said I was reading the first Harry Potter. Know what that kid said to me? “Wow, you’re a SLOW reader! That book’s been around since forever.” Nice to know that 1997, for the UK version, and 1998, for the US version, counts as forever these days!

But the next few days will be so much fun. Mostly my psychology paper, which still needs a little bit more work and a lot of editing before I hand it in on Monday, and more crafting for fun things like… gifts? Yeah, my sister went and bought a shitload of yarn (pardon my French) because she’s making a fireplace cozy… (I’m quite serious about this.) Mostly because she can. Oh the people that I’m related to…

And… I have two upcoming fanlistings (yay): General Hospital (favourite soap opera!) and Seamus Dever (actor, who played Ian Devlin on General Hospital, and play a character on a new favourite show, Castle). I’ll probably be getting them between my third (biology) and fourth (and last, psychology) finals since there’s a week between them.

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  1. I can’t believe I ran into you that was awesome and you were holding Story of O. Sucks we couldn’t have talked longer =(

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