I woke up this morning and realized (erm… sort of) that my room is a mess. I have shopping bags on my floor from stuff that I haven’t snipped tags off of and hung up or put into my wardrobe (erm, this also includes the hoodie that I bought yesterday) and shopping bag with yarn (yet to be made into Christmas gifts) and another bag with a present that I bought for a special someone (because I couldn’t resist). All that coupled with packages of stainless steel wire in various gauges (for jewellery making purposes), a bag with pull rings and eye chips and a new container of tacky glue (for the dolls), pattern print-outs and fabric (more doll stuff), and all my school notes and stuff for the term is littering my floor. Guessing I’ll get to it all eventually… Hopefully before I step on anything important!

That being said, studying for biology is going swimmingly – learning all that I’ve never known before (hah), but my sisters interrupted me again because they want a list of things that I want for Christmas because they want to get all their shopping done today rather than the day before Christmas (much like last year?) and politely asked me not to include any Blythes or Blythe-related items on the list – apparently they don’t feel like supporting my “habit”. Go figure. Things I wanted included a lot of small tech stuff (memory cards, surge protector), craft stuff (pattern books, magazines, fabric, trims, ribbons, yarn, interchangeable circular knitting needles, giant knitting needles and crochet hooks) and random cute things (erm, bakeware? 2010 Olympic mascot plushies? Post-Its!). Yes, Post-Its count as cute.

I’ve also been just informed that it’s currently snowing outside (bleh). Guess this definitely means that I’ll be leaving super early tomorrow for my biology final! I don’t mind having to take the final – I just mind the ‘getting there’ portion of it because public transit is not my friend at times… Neither are the people who also use public transit, but that’s okay. They make for excellent blog fodder sometimes, heh.

Anyways… Been compiling patterns with yarns lately, in hopes that I’ll be able to do all my crafting in a relatively organized and quick manner. Somehow I doubt it though, but one can hope. Same with cleaning my room. Once all my exams are over, everything is getting cleaned and organized (yay).

And lastly.. Jenn is hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift card to Eden Fantasys with three easy ways for you to enter for a chance to win. There is more than one way to brighten up your holidays (and that special someone else’s holidays too!).

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  1. I read the first paragraph and kinda laughed at you a little for being messy, but I know thats just how people end up around Christmas. And then you mentioned exams. AHhhh, now I understand.

  2. Don’t worry, I sometimes creep comments on blogs as well. xD

    My gawd. You have dissected a loooooot. The only thing I’ve been through is the fetal pig, and I’m pretty sure half of me died while I was doing that.. so I hope I never have to dissect anything ever again.

    I get what you mean though. Everyone is different and some people don’t have a problem with cutting, so those are the types that are bound to become surgeons. Definitely not my thing though. I think I’m a bit too emotional to handle anything like that. 😛

    No wonder you’ve dissected so many things. You’re in a biology program. xD I agree with you there, I definitely prefer biology to chemistry or any other science. Actually, I might like Physics better, but I don’t know yet, because I have my Physics class next semester, and I haven’t taken it ever before, so yeah. 😛

    SALAMANDER? Whoa, I never even knew they had spines.. lmao fail.

    You aren’t the only one with an incredibly messy room. Mine is in that state of utter messiness, pretty much all the time. I have homework under the bed, along with underwear.. and I have random shit like laptop cases and pennies on my table.. lmao. I don’t even know where half the mess comes from. Sigh.

    Glad to hear that you’re studying is going well, and best of luck shopping for your sisters gifts.

    I looove the snow, I was ecstatic when I saw that it was finally snowing outside. It’s about time! It arrived a little late here haha.

  3. (: i’m glad someone else let’s thier room slip into a state of mess. I have a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, a plate of food on the floor where I’ve tried to eat and I feel like a pig because of that. xD

    Public transport sucks balls bigtime. The people annoy me more than the actual transport. You get lunatic and such ruffians that it just makes ya flip-out sometimes. Better you than me. I would not leave my house in the warm for no Biology test. Good luck though. (:

    That depressions depending on how much sun light you get sounds familiar. I am not eager to say “Yeah, that me!” though…. LOL. I hate conditions. I think everyone gets down in winter. It’s just been a high concentration of shit flung at me in a very small space of time, s’all. Your comment was amazing, and I did smile. I think people write best when they have passion. <3

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