I was watching a commercial about some kind of one-a-day vitamin type thing and how one of the components is fish oil (which everyone knows is a good thing) and how it will (and I almost directly quote, in a paraphrasing kind of way) “ensure that your cell walls will remain flexible as you get older”.

Reread that again. Cell walls. [Plants have cell walls. Animals (including us) do not.]

What kind of crack-pot people wrote the script for that commercial???

Maybe I was just having a biology geekery moment. It just stood out too much to me.

Ahhh… Anyways… Today’s been pretty mellow. As was the last couple days (what the fudge happened to daily blogging? I still comment and check up on my RSS feed once a day-ish!).

Time at school, time understanding math (understanding, yes, I wrote that word in relation to math. Hell is feeling quite chilly at the moment!), time doing notes and listening to lectures, then there a small stop at the library as I needed to a) return books, b) pick up a hold – The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold for a reread and c) bought a book from their book sale room. They get a lot of donations, and whatever doesn’t make it to the bookshelves (because there’s already a copy, or some other reason), as well as they renew their book collection from time to time (books that don’t get checked out in long periods of time ends up in the sale room). I picked up a donated copy of Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton for $0.10 (paperback copy with no creases in the spine? It’s practically a steal, I dropped some extra change into the library donation tin) for some public transit reading as well.

I met a really nice kid on the bus this afternoon, he said he was “sith” (6) years old and he thought what I was doing was amazing (I was crocheting). He asked what I could do with crochet and I said things like make hats, scarves, sweaters, bags, toys and his eyes got really big because it was “really cool” that I could make “something out of nothing” (yarn is suddenly nothing? I should tell yarn shop owners that, nothing should cost nothing, right? Haha.). So I offered to teach him how to chain stitch and his mom totally thought he was bugging me. That kid’s eyes were huge when he ‘got’ how to do a chain stitch. Then I taught him how to do a single crochet stitch. He got a small square done before he had to get off the bus and then he went “thank yous verrrrrrrrrry much!” (I finished it off for him and clipped the end with my scissors and gave the square to him).

What have you been up to the last few days? Hope you had a good day (and an even better tomorrow!).

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  1. Which commercial was that for??

    That’s pretty cool that he wanted to learn, I agree with Deborah I do think he will remember you for a very long time.

    1. I don’t recall the name of the vitamin-thing. =/ I wasn’t really paying attention to it, until some man walking a dog came across the screen, then the narrator said the line about cell walls, lol.

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