Today was the first day back after my really nice two week long break from school (due to the Olympics, of all things).

My invertebrate biology prof actually applauded us for showing up to class on time, mostly because he was personally having a pretty bad headache from being hung over from drinking too much the day before (claiming it was a symptom of watching the gold medal hockey game).

My math prof got straight down to business, throwing examples at us. Not much fun there.

My plants biology profs… Well, one of them brought in cookies for us (maple-leaf shapes with red icing), wearing a Team Canada hockey jersey while she passed a make-shift torch to the ‘new’ prof, who will be teaching the second half of the class. The torch was made from a (brand new) toilet plunger with coloured cellophane taped at the top in the shape of a flame. She passed it to him and then he ran up the stairs and out of the lecture hall (and then came back in via the other set of doors and ran back down). Apparently he had a hangover-induced headache as well.

Ahhh, I like my professors this term. My biochem TA asked for a show of hands of who watched the gold medal hockey game. One girl didn’t have her hand up and he wanted to know why. Her answer was “I was on an airplane coming back to Canada!” and that “excuse” (as my TA called it) was acceptable.

But speaking of going back to school… I managed to wake up at 5:30am this morning (yay!) but there was literally nothing “Michelle friendly” to eat for breakfast. While I can eat solid food, I’m wary of cereal and bread still because there’s such small particles and even thought the swelling is now completely gone it doesn’t mean that small particles of food (especially sharp crumbs, ouch!) can’t cause any pain! I did, however, eat a banana (after I found one hidden behind the cereal box).

Plans for this week are:

Monday: Going back to school (lol)
Tuesday: invertebrates biology lab midterm, doctor’s appointment
Wednesday: math midterm (second one)
Thursday: (nothing…?)
Friday: volunteering!!
Saturday: dentist appointment (in the morning, getting stitches removed!)

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  1. I haven’t really watched any Olympics this year, oops, but I’m guessing Canada won the hockey game? Yay!?

    It’s funny that your professors had hangover induced headaches. Silly professors. Water, water, water! I have NEVER had a headache from a hangover. Most every time I drink so much water (with my alcohol) that I get sick of it. Drinking water reduces your dehydration and makes you wake up feeling awesome. So, silly them. If you get shitfaced, Michelle, drink lots of water! Hah.

    Youve just came back and already have midterms? ouch ;x

  2. You can only work at a Nursing Home 4 months without your state test and I havent had the money to take my state test so I had to quit the nursing home and get another job. Plus, 12 hour night shifts just got to be too much for me and the crappy pay wasnt worth it.

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