Tuesday, March 2nd
I wrote my invertebrate biology lab midterm. It’s worth ~14% of my final grade so while it’s not a whole lot, it’s still worth something. I feel, having had prepared for it, that it went fairly well. There were some questions where I definitely looked into the microscope, looked at the specimen and had no flipping clue what it was. However, each question is worth 1-2 marks each and that was only one station (there were 20 stations in total, plus 2 “rest” stations with biology-related comics). Nothing else of great importance occurred on Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 3rd
I had my second math midterm… I did prepare for this, and felt pretty okay with the questions that were on the test. My problem, however, is when my professor decided to start the midterm. The class doesn’t start until 9am. The previous class period is from 8:00am to 8:50am, giving people 10 minutes to get from points A to B. This is fine, I can get to the building where I have my math class in about 5 minutes. My issue is that I arrived at the lecture hall where I have my math class at 8:55am and everyone is already seated and writing their midterms. I had a serious “WTF” moment when I thought I either walked incredibly slow or the clock in the lecture hall I was in previously had stopped or was behind. Turns out that my prof had issued out the midterms at 8:50am and had allowed people to start writing then. Gah. I felt rushed with that midterm, mostly because everyone was already writing while I was entering into the room, finding the TA to get a midterm and then finding a seat somewhere in the room. Ugh.

I went thrift store shopping yesterday – picked up a non-Blythe doll with a near complete set of clothes (missing one shoe!) that turned out to be a doll that goes for $50+ (NRFB) on eBay. Go figure. But now she’s sitting on my shelf, completely naked as a jaybird as I’ve swiped her outfit (poor Hermione, all without her Gryffindor clothes) for my other dolls. I also picked up another awesome find (more about that later) and then went to visit K, who invited me over after my thrifting adventure for the day. Hadn’t seen her in a while, so it was great to catch up! Plus I got to show off my thrift store finds, which is always fun! She was studying/procrastinating/taking a break from studying when I arrived, so it was all good.

Thursday, March 4th – Today!
I had the biochemistry lecture from hell today. While I understand the concepts and such, it was just so damn boring! My prof kept on repeating herself for the people who didn’t get it the second time and because she kept on forgetting that she had already said some of the stuff that she was saying! Ugh.

In my plants biology lab, I got my lab midterm and my (first) lecture midterm back! I did surprisingly well on the lab midterm. See, it was the first of the three midterms that I had in just under a 24 hour period, so I did not have high hopes for those test scores (who would?) but turns out that I did much better than the class average (yay!). I was totally cringing at the thought of getting the lab midterm back that I was so regretting even going up to my TA to get it from her. Also, got my lecture midterm back as well… I did fairly good on it too! My prof drew a smiley face on the bottom of one of my pages because I doodled a flower (it was next to a question asking about roses, so I drew a rose after finishing my essay and waiting a moment before going over everything, again).

School has been keeping me pretty busy since it started up again on Monday (guessing two midterms on consecutive days will give me that feeling!). I’m still keeping up with my 365 photo project – I’m at 10/365 now! Hehe. I’ve been taking stock, pretty much, of things lately. Trying to get myself grounded, eating more healthy, exercising (hello running? My legs hate me again), watching a little bit less of television (but to be fair, I don’t really follow that many shows religiously anymore) and just trying my best to be happy overall. There’s been a lot of things going on lately that I cannot change, but I have realized that I can change my outlook on the things that occur in my life. It’s either that or be miserable and cry all the time.

I hope everyone has been having a marvelous week so far! Are you looking forward to the weekend? I am!

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