Yay for Saturday! I went out this morning with my parents and we went out for lunch (at a shabby restaurant that my dad said that he wanted to go to, it has really bad service, they just plunked down the dishes and chopsticks and left, just a stack of bowls, cups, plates and chopsticks – and they miscounted) as well as some shopping. I went to a dollar store (yay!) and Michaels (double yay!). Oh, I also found out how much pinking shears cost today and have resolved to check out another store and/or wait for that lovely 50%-off coupon…

In other news, I got my second math midterm back – I passed (yes!) but not by much (boo). And there’s another math midterm coming up soonish. The term is so close to being done and there’s still midterms to be taken (and a week after I’m done all my lecture midterms, I have my first lab final exam – so unfair).

Dollar store find that made me giddy: cookie cutters! They usually never have anything interesting beyond circles, hearts and stars so when I found these ones, I felt really happy. I mean, who doesn’t want dino cookies? Or elephant cookies? Or to bite the head off of a cookie shaped like a boy? Or, more important, making two hand cookies and labeling the left one as ‘right’ and the right one as ‘left’? Good way to screw up all the learning a preschool student has done!

Other dollar store finds: butterfly boxes in packages of 8 (all different colours with flower prints! I use these for packaging jewellery), mini zipped baggies, playing dice (package of 5).

And then there was Michaels… I forgot to print out any coupons (in my defense, I wasn’t planning on going today!), so I limited myself to only clearance items. Package of faceted glass beads (120 count, $2.99 from $5.99), metal leaf connectors ($2.99 from $11.99), strand of metal turtle connectors ($2.99 from $5.99). Not shown is a pair of dolly-sized sunglasses (too small though, so I’m returning them whenever I can).

I love craft supplies. Especially in the form of beads and connectors (you can never have enough beads, or connectors, if you make jewellery). Ahhh, beads and turtles. What could be better?

Anyways, off I go back to making studying charts and tables! Do you know the difference between megaphyllous and microphyllous leaves? I do! (Well, I’d better know it… Only thing that’s been consistent in the vocabulary since my break!)

And… Happy birthday, sweetheart. ♥♥♥

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  1. OMG, I heart your cookie cutters! I hope your pterodactyl ones turn out better than when I made pterodactyl sugar cookies. I put them in with all different kinds and they kind of burnt because they were so skinny and tiny compared to the others (which were hearts, diamonds and other big shapes) 🙁

  2. aww how cute all the things that you got..love the cookie cutters, even though i am boring and usually just make them regular round cookies!
    i have a TON TON TON Of beads, i never make anything with them, it is more like i just keep collecting them. maybe sometime another i’ll figure something to do with them

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