So I’ve lined up a job for the summer (same company as the last four years, despite a little name change), doing what I am told will be data entry (mostly). So it should be a pretty okay summer – full time work again (8 hours a day, 5 days a week). It seems like a lot of my friends will be taking summer classes, at least part time, as well as working (part time again). It’ll be nice to have a break from school for a little while, and it’ll be nice to be working again and to have an income. I miss that quite a bit!

Things have been going okay, I guess. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with sleeping, especially last night. I couldn’t sleep at all and literally had zero sleep. I laid in bed staring up at my ceiling until my alarm went off, then got up to go make breakfast. I managed to stay up through all of my classes (yay) and went to volunteering for a few hours, which was fun (I learned naughty British slang from this woman who was telling me all about living in London and working in a bar as an underaged teen – oh, the stories!).

Besides all of that… Not much has happened over the last few days. Shall have to see what I get up to this weekend! =)

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