I’m about to bore you all and talk about first impressions of my classes. I’ve had 2 lectures of each class so far.

Class #1: Plant Geography
Prof comes highly recommended, he’s good and so far the class has been interesting! It’s my first 4th year class, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Apparently the class is supposed to have nearly 80 students but from the numbers that actually attend, this is not the case. I already have an assigned term paper topic (well, I got to choose, but he has to okay it). The material is fascinating and (the most important thing) I know someone in the class!

Class #2: Ecology (the continuation)
Profs are new-to-me (and one of them is new to the school). I know what to expect from the class (higher concept learning, weekly reading assignments and practice problems). The people I sat with in the first course (as this is the continuation) decided they were going to take it in the summer (note: I’ve already called them all traitors. To their faces.) but I know some people who are in my class and I’ve found people to sit with (yay).

Class #3: Biostatistics
Not just any regular old statistics class, it’s biostatistics (which means I’m going to flipping die of formula usage by the end of the term). Meaning we talk a lot about rate of births and rate of deaths. Because what’s essentially what you study in biology – sex and mortality. Survivorship and death rates. Whoot. Prof seems okay thus far, I have 2 friends in this class to sit with (yay) but there’s a lab component for my stats class. A lab. For stats. Holy hell in a handbasket.

Class #4: Oceanography (the continuation)
Profs are old to me and one of them is new-to-me. He’s old, reminds me of a professor from the Harry Potter film franchise (like a rounder Lupin, which is unfortunately because I used to like Lupin). And he’s from France and has a horribly thick French accent. So far it’s okay, I have a grand total of 4 friends in this class – I’m really happy about that. So far it’s okay.

So four classes. My schedule isn’t that bad… I do, however, have a 3 hour break every Tuesday and Thursday which makes me want to take a pencil to my eyeballs (but I haven’t gotten around to that yet). And I have an atrocious amount of breaks all throughout my schedule but I’ve been using my breaks to study and review material, so that’s always a good thing. My problem so far is that I have no one to hang out with during my 3 hour breaks, so I need to figure out a way to entertain myself with school work or something. There’s only so many Sudoku puzzles I can do before I get tired of numbers.

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  1. I know what you mean! My friend yelled at me because I always try to pick my classes as close as possible. He would rather hang around the college all day, but me I would rather get my classes and go home and do my work there.

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