The new design is coming along slowly as I haven’t had much time at all to work on it. Since the last time that I blogged, I have:

As for non-school things, I had Clay over last night. He came over for dinner with my sisters and me, which went well. They think he’s nice, everyone was awkwardly quiet and shy. It was nice to have him over though! He’s been super busy since he started school (only three more weeks in his course for him!), and I’ve been super busy too (hello, nursing school). I loved getting to catch up with him as we don’t get to spend a lot of time with one another normally. It’s been getting better though, which has been fantastic. Lots of cuddling occurred, I got him all caught up on my dolls and bug happenings, he caught me up with school and work and other ‘fun’ things like that.

Up next for me is a lot of things. This upcoming week is going to be one of the busiest that I’ve had so far. Not only do I have the usual amounts of readings, I also have two midterms (Monday – Communications and Friday – Clinical Skills Lab), another presentation (Thursday – Hematology), clinical (Tuesday & Wednesday) and a paper endorsement to write (Thursday – shouldn’t be that difficult… I hope). Trying to keep my head above water, I’m really looking forward to this week being over though as the upcoming weekend is a long one! Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday October 8th, something that I’m quite looking forward to. A four day week? Don’t mind if I do! Except for the fact that I receive my patient assignment on Mondays so I’ll still have research to do – but I won’t have to do readings for my Monday classes that week!

Lots to do this week, here’s to the upcoming weekend where I will hopefully not be spending every waking moment with my nose in a textbook!

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  1. Nursing school does sound very rigorous *nods* I have a friend who is in her 2nd year right now and she is always busy. She also has a habit of falling asleep as soon as she sits down ANYWHERE, lol!

    Awkwardly quiet and shy dinners are super cute! It will get more comfortable over time, too 🙂 My boyfriend is over at my house all the time, but my family has yet to have a dinner with him. It’ll have to be a dinner out, because my family literally never eats dinner together when we’re at home, haha.

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