Party-going in the early afternoon?

Today was the last day of classes (not school – just classes). There was live music in the form of bands (all Canadian ones, or so I am told), free cotton candy, free popcorn, free little carnival events. And in true Michelle-like fashion, I didn’t attend a thing. (Except for the free cotton candy. … […]

Hey there, sunshine!

On April 1st, I woke up to snow and the fact that there was snow flakes falling from the sky. Today? I woke up to this: Yeah, that’s sunshine! It’s amazing how much the weather changes in less than a week, eh? It was such nice weather today, I spent most of my time (when […]

Happy Friday!

I’ve been kinda all-smiles today. So… I’m cheerful and overly smiley. Plus, I have marshmallows! For my psychology lecture, we had guest speakers. We’ve been learning about addiction and how that effects people and such so for our last class on addiction, we had three guest speakers. One was addicted to alcohol and drugs from […]