This is what I’d let to get clear, straight off the bat:

  1. When I told my family that I had an 8:30am exam this morning, I was not kidding.
  2. When I told my family that I was going to bed at 10pm last night and would appreciate that they not be obnoxiously loud, I was not kidding.
  3. When I told my family that I had my alarm set for 5am (and that would result in almost 7 hours of sleep), I was not kidding.

So when I went to bed at 10pm last night with the intention of waking up at 5am for my 8:30am exam (I left my house at 6am), I was completely serious.

I tossed and turned a little. The last time I remember seeing a clock was just a few minutes past 10, so I’m hoping I went to bed soon after that.

Then, I wake up. It’s dark. But my alarm’s not going off (none of my alarms, more on that later). And I learn laughter. Loud laughter. I shuffle out of my (warm!) bed and end up in the living room. Which is diagonally across the house from my room, as far as one can humanly get from my room. And there’s my parents and both sisters (one just arrived last night) were up. And laughing.

“Could you please not be so loud?”, I said to them, I was rather annoyed but calmly.

They apologize. And I shuffle back to bed. This was at midnight. I get back into bed and promptly fall back to sleep (because I was a) tired and b) tired).

And then it’s 1am-ish.

And I’m awake. Again. Because they cannot fucking shut up. And all they’re doing is sitting in the living room and laughing. And yes, I get it, my sister just arrived (yay…?). But she doesn’t live in a different time zone. She’s not only there for a few hours. She’s here for nearly a week. And it’s one. fucking. am. In the morning. When I’m planning on waking up for 5am. So I really have no clue why any of them were surprised at my response.

Pissed (because they knew I had very limited sleeping time and had a very early morning wakeup call!), I just shouted, from my bed, loudly, going “SHUT. UP.” In English. Which was probably not a good idea, because I nearly included “the fuck” between those two words. But I didn’t! I was good! I didn’t swear (to my parents… from across the house… I’m practically a saint!).

And then they stopped talking. Completely. Within fifteen minutes, I could hear bedroom doors closing.

After that, I didn’t hear a peep out of anyone. I went back to sleep and woke up at 4:55am (alarm on my cell phone). Snoozed that until 5am, when my alarm clock goes off. And my cell phone (again). And then 5:04am, I get a text from Clay because I asked him to text me in order to ensure that I woke up (and got out of bed!) if he was still up.

And my English literature exam? I think it went fairly well. I know I did better on one essay than the other (sighs), but I’m sure that I got most of the identifications (which sucked though) and I left about 30 minutes before the end (8:30am-11am). Got home by noon. And my dad’s all like “Why were you so angry at us last night?”

Seriously? Seriously? Seriously?

I am obviously not getting the point across. Because you know what I’m doing next time that happens? (And the next time might be soon, I have a 8:30am exam next week!) I will swear. At my parents. From across the house. If I get woken up again, when I need to get up at 5am.

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  1. I’m face palming. Seriously. At least your exam went fairly well.

    By the way the earrings you posted on twitter are pretty =D

  2. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe they were so rude when you were trying to be conscientious about something that is important! Hopefully they will realize next time. Well hopefully there won’t be a next time!

  3. Wow, I remember living with my Mom and having her act like a retard with her boyfriend when I had to get up early. Some people are all about themselves and don’t comprehend that they ARE bothering others. *sighs* I’m glad that you made it to your exam!

  4. Ngaww sad 😛
    I have no problems with that though because my mum always has to wake up early. It’s not like I ever get enough sleep 😛

    And I can’t believe that your dad asked that!

    Yeah $70 for a hat. Pretty stupid.

  5. I hate it when parents or, in my case younger brothers, wake you up or keep you awake when you really need to get some sleep. It usually happens whenever we go away on holiday – I can’t sleep in or on anything except a bed, so the night before we leave I always try to go to sleep a couple of hours earlier, but noo. While I’ve been packing everything slowly over the last few days, my brother decides to start throwing everything together at 9:30pm, shouting because he can’t find things, stomping around.. grr. I usually end up throwing something at him, it’s so irritating.

    Sounds tough having an exam at 8:30am, though. Next month we’re getting a ton of tests in every subject, but we’re just doing the normal school shift, 8:55 till 3:30pm. At least you got home by noon though 🙂

  6. I hate it when people don’t understand the concept of: I need sleep for my fucking exam. I feel bad for you. At least you weren’t tired. And exam at 8.30 is waaaayyyyy early. Earliest we have one is 9.00am.

    I would not of got up at 5am. That is way too friggin’ early. x

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