Or rather, I was a productive as one can ever possibly be for a Monday. Today I: woke up, rushed out the door, went on the bus, went on the train, went onto another train, braved the rain to get to English, sat through class, went to the building where my psych lecture is, got my shoes incredibly muddy, chatted with people, sat through class, learned nothing new (learned it already in bio class), couldn’t find the room for the write-in, wrote almost 2,000 words, attended bio class, didn’t fall asleep in bio class (yay!), went on the bus, went on the train, went onto another bus, reread parts of Great Expectations, got home, texted the boyfriend a few times, ate a croissant, worked on some family studies questions, took a very short (only about 30 minutes long) nap, woke up, got dinner started, watched General Hospital (I fast forward the boring parts, only watched about 15 minutes total today), had dinner, worked on more family studies questions, ate a cookie, washed dishes, finished the family studies questions (yay!), printed off the family studies chapter 11 questions (for tomorrow, not today), texted the boy some more, did psych notes for today, yawned, wrote this blog entry.

Now I’m about to go and study for my quiz tomorrow morning on joints in the body. Hmmm, joints… Then I’ll be off to sleep (!!!).

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