Boxing Day was… shabby. A.K.A. the day where I spent literally all day with the family. I’m not used to spending literally 24 hours a day with nearly everyone in my family. Even when I was working in the summer and technically in the same building with my mom, we didn’t spend every single moment together. But now it’s the holidays so it’s all, yay, let’s spend way too much time together. Ugh. Got woken up at around 9am yesterday, my mom wanted to go shopping (on Boxing Day). And the only thing that got me out of bed was the promise of lunch as there was no food in the house (erm, we ate leftovers for Christmas dinner, if that tells you anything) as we hadn’t done any grocery shopping (yet, at that point). So I went out.

First off, we took transit instead of driving (not sure why, parking didn’t seem like it would have been that bad). A while later, we’re walking on a busy street and my sister decides to turn into Futureshop (for those not in the know, it’s an electronics store is generally very busy on Boxing Day). And it was very busy and there was a line up for the cashiers that snaked around the store (even that late from when the store opened) and she was in the line for ~30 min before we could leave the store. Then there was a trip to London Drugs (for chocolate) and The Body Shop (because J forgot her friend’s birthday party was yesterday night… ugh). We went into a bunch of small clothing stores (that were still ridiculously packed, most likely due to the “50-70% off!” signs in the windows. And 4 hours later from shopping and walking up and down a stupid busy street (you can tell how much I love Boxing Day shopping when I don’t actually want to go Boxing Day shopping, can’t you?), we ended up at a store where I actually wanted to buy something. Granted, it ended up being La Senza, but ehhhhh…  it’s all ‘necessities’, right? Besides, with cute prints, how on earth was I supposed to not buy a thing? (Please don’t ask how much I spent…)

See ^ cute prints! Plus I count them as ‘necessities’ given as I needed more that fit properly. And I also have a love for frilly lace and oh-so-carefully placed bows.

For lunch, we went to Earls. I got a sandwich that was called ‘Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie’. Delicious, for the brie and chicken part, but there was also this fig spread that was in it that was way too sweet for the rest of the sandwich (there was also apple slices in it, which were quite good as well). We walked around some more after lunch. My mom swore that there was a Christmas display this year, so we walked until we found a sign stating that the displays were on ‘holidays’ this year (ugh). So we went to expensive pricey stores (haha) and didn’t buy a thing. But I must say, I loved trying on the Burberry coat that I found – even though it does cost the same amount as my tuition for next term (meep) and there was no way I could ever justify buying it (seriously – the tag said 100% cotton, but it also says something along the lines of: do not clean, do not wash, do not tumble dry, special professional dry cleaning only – but it’s only 100% cotton, the lining, which felt awesome, wasn’t silk or anything).

Didn’t get home until mid-to-late afternoon-ish. And then my sisters wanted to spend more time with me (because apparently they weren’t sick of me yet? I don’t know why not…) and so they wanted to play cards. I played a few rounds of Big 2 before bowing out none-to-gracefully. I claimed I needed to get a sweater because I was cold and then didn’t show my face again until dinner.

At which point, it was yay for awkward moment while people I’m related to look at me funny for adding cheese (only a little bit!) to my mashed potatoes. Apparently they think my eating habits are odd (they can join the group of people who already think so).


  1. Did you go shopping for Boxing Day (December 26th)? If so, what did you buy?
  2. What is one ‘odd’ eating habit that you have that even your family finds odd?
  3. When was the last time you splurged on yourself, what did you buy?

My answers:

  1. Yes, unfortunately… I, ahem, improved my collection of bras.
  2. Adding cheese to mashed potatoes (along with not eating certain artificially flavoured candies)
  3. Yesterday (Boxing Day), amused myself with the sale going on at La Senza and bought myself frilly, lacy, and ribboned bras. Along with plain ones. Too much fun.

3 Responses

  1. Wow. A very fun filled day eh? What gets me do you do all that shopping and take public transit? There is NO way we could have fit all we got on Black Friday on public transit.

    The patterned things..bras right? Too cute!

    Did you go shopping for Boxing Day (December 26th)? If so, what did you buy?
    – I went the Wednesday before our Black Friday and a little on Black Friday. Got tons of Christmas stuff.

    What is one ‘odd’ eating habit that you have that even your family finds odd?
    – I’m not sure, really? Um.. I wont eat artifically flavored grape or cherry items. I like ruffle chips and ketchup? Um.. I love cookie dough raw.

    When was the last time you splurged on yourself, what did you buy?
    – Gm and I, today, got the “buy 1 get 1 free” Samsung Impression. We also got a blue tooth speaker for the car (instead of the ear ones). Not sure how much my total was of it all, but I gave her $100. My normal splurges are WoW cards 😀

  2. I’m having mashed potatoes with cheese as part of my dinner! There’s no gravy left. It’s not so weird 🙂

    1. I stayed home yesterday. I did go out today and make some returns though.

    2. Um my love for hot chilli sauce?

    3. AA rummage sale, I guess. Bought like three dresses, two shirts and two hoodies. So cheap for AA though 🙂

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