It’s March. March. And guess what it’s been doing today? Guess what’s been falling down from the little giant clouds up in the sky? Not rain, I wouldn’t complain (too much) about rain in March. Snow. Snow! Ugh. So I went outside early to catch the bus to go to school, at the same time that my sister goes to catch the bus (around 8:30am). No bus (of course). 9:09am, I’m about to call it quits (I only have two classes and it’s not crucial that I show up for classes and I was freezing) when the bus comes around the corner. I curse (out loud) because I was about to head back home. Oh, I got to the building where my first class was about 2 minutes before classes started, yeah, good job there, public transit system.

I’ve been reading over a (translated) German folktale for my English literature class, because they’re related (and so I can argue the parallels and differences for my term paper, maybe – I still haven’t decided on my topic). It’s okay… Not the most exciting thing ever, I expected the Germans to be a little bit more angsty, but they’re not. It’s kind of a disappointment, actually. After all, the Grimm fairytales are German in origin (I mean, seriously, have you ever read the original translation for Cinderella? So depressing, and disturbing.). And those were based on German folktales as well.

Anyways… I’ve discovered that I didn’t type up my tables for my biology lab (whoot, digestive enzymes?) so I’m going to go and do that in a little while (I heart completion marks). In other wonderful news, the doctor confirmed that yes, I do have the flu and that yes, I totally could have avoided this by getting a flu shot (which is technically free to me, as I’m volunteering in a setting where I interact with people with poor immune systems). Thanks, Doc, what I always wanted to hear. It’s called they were giving out forms (that they fill out, to verify where I volunteer) last Friday, which happened to be when I was already sick with the flu. Kinda missed that boat, eh?


  1. What’s the weather like where you are right now? What’s the weather usually like during this time of year where you are right now?
  2. What’s the most memorable Grimm fairy tale (to you)? Why?
  3. When’s the last time that you got a flu shot?

My answers:

  1. Snowing… And it’s usually not snowing in March. Mixture of rain (mostly rain), sunshine, clouds.
  2. Cinderella. The whole ‘blood in the shoe’ thing, hands down most memorable part ever.
  3. As I recall, never. Although I might have gotten one when I was toddler or younger (apparently it’s suggested for infants and toddlers, I learn something new every day).

4 Responses

  1. 1. It’s doing nothing right now. Slightly cold, but thats better than the snow we got all night last night after having a beautiful week!

    2. Same. Cinderella.

    3. I got the flu shot last year… Should have gotten it this year too 🙁

  2. Yeah, the snow totally caught me off guard the other day. I went out with my friends to eat at a restaurant and it was sunny… when we finished eating… I went outside only to realize it’s freezing and snowing.

    1. Umm… same as your answer.
    2. I didn’t even know there’s such a thing as Grimm fairy tale..
    3. A couple months ago… because I work at a medical clinic and it’s mandatory.

  3. What’s the weather like where you are right now? What’s the weather usually like during this time of year where you are right now?
    its hot and cold, one minute its sunny but the weather report said it should be rainy and we should be having storms =.=
    usually, at this time it would be sunny- but u know global warming and all
    What’s the most memorable Grimm fairy tale (to you)? Why?
    whats Grimm? LOL
    When’s the last time that you got a flu shot?
    i dont remember 😛

    nice site, really liking the layout (:
    ur icons are awesome and very creative

  4. 1. It is peeeeing it down here! It was all nice and sunny and not overly cold this morning.. but now.. rain.. and a lot of wind.. being 3 storeys high next to docklands = vast amounts of wind and lots of howling.
    2. I haven’t read any original translations – I really want to now!
    3. They don’t give flu shots over here unless you’re old or have a weak immune system or asthma. They’re not supposed to be very nice though, make you feel awful for a couple of weeks or so they generally say here.

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