It’s Thursday. Did you watch tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Don’t you just love Cristina about a million times more now? And the guy with the face? And who watched Private Practice? Violet and Charlotte are so adorable. Makes me want to squish them both into a hug.

Ahem. Anyways, I headed out to school early today. I participated in a study for psychology (I get extra credit for it – it’s the only way that they can get people to participate in studies, either bribe them with percentage points or money) and I qualified for it because I’m female (honest!), over the age of 18 and have an ethnic background from one of the ones that they specified (thanks, mom and dad). So I went there and filled out a handful of surveys that had to do with demographics, memory recall, how I perceive sexual activities and religion and my knowledge of cervical and breast cancer. I got 2 credits for it, because it’s supposed to take ‘two hours’ to do the survey. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the entire survey.

So after that, I headed to my school’s bookstore and sat in the nice comfy seats that they had and spent the rest of my time reading crafting magazines before class. And you know what was absolutely disturbing? They had 7 different knitting magazines (which I flipped through – I’m definitely more of a crocheter than a knitter, but I do knit on occasion), 1 jewelry design magazine (nothing that caught my eye, there were a few techniques that they were mentioning that had to do with resin and molds and such, but I have a book on that so…) and one ‘general’ crafts magazine that was basically all about weddings (invites, reminders, veils, tablecloths, etc). They used to have more jewelry magazines (at least 5) and they used to actually have crochet magazines. Instead, they now have an entire display of magazines on hair and how to do one’s hair. They’ve also cut the graphic design selection in half and replaced it with a selection of what they call ‘Magazines for Adults’. Awesome job, university. If I wanted to look at airbrushed magazines of men and women, I’d go and look them up in the Google image search, not buy it from my school.

Besides my bitterness towards the sudden lack of crochet and jewelry magazines… Today’s been pretty good. Played with models in chemistry (I said that I was playing with models to my friend A in biology and she thought I meant something dirty…) and got the questions right once I realized that my professor is absolutely horrible at wording his questions (he meant to say ‘R configuration’ but said ‘S’ instead and the overhead was hand-written with water-soluble pens so I think it used to say R but the R was faded and the S was on top but faded as well – good job, Dr. S!).

However, I did meet A’s new boyfriend (F). Which was kind of awkward because I was sitting and waiting for class to start, but I had my head bent down as I was reading my book for English and I was just so engrossed in Marlowe, when there was a hand shoved straight into my face and a guy’s voice going “Hey there, I’m F.” Yeah, I already know all about him. Like how he gave her a red long stemmed rose once a day from February 1st to the 14th (and how he was stupid enough to purchase them all in one go and then give them to her one by one – by the 14th, they were pretty much dead) and random but super expensive gifts. But, he was absolutely awesome and got her lots of boxes of chocolates and she was more than happy to share if it meant carrying less weight home. So definitely props on that. But it was cute, he spent his time doodling since he was sitting in our biology lecture and he was writing “I wuv u” over and over and over again. I glanced over and noticed it and then I leaned over to A and went “You realize you’re dating someone who can’t ‘love’, right?”. She leans back and goes “I know… But it’s kind of cute, kind of like he’s in the first grade and learning how to spell for the first time.” He can hear us, even though we’re whispering, and chimes in with “I hope you realize that I’m not deaf…” and then A hit back with “Doesn’t matter.” and he immediately stopped talking and went back to writing “I wuv u” on his sheet. He filled up the page, seven columns all the way down, front and back.

And… That was my day! How was your Thursday? Did you watch Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice or General Hospital today? (… I am such a fan of ABC programming, it’s not even funny. Except I believe Dollhouse is on NBC? I don’t know, I watch it on a Canadian network, but I know it’s originally from another one, I can’t remember right now.)

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  1. Hm, he shoved his hand in your face while you were reading. Pretty rude, yes? I don’t know, man…

    Hey, isn’t A one of the girls who was asking to see pictures of Clay in an earlier entry, and was then rude about why he was with you?

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