My chemistry final was today (as I did mention yesterday). It was kind of like… hell warmed over, with a side of “what the fuck were the professors thinking” and a helping of “… oh shit”. It was interesting, to say the least. I know I did relatively well on the second portion of the exam (as that was the ‘new’ material that I hadn’t been tested on yet). And the first portion…? Well, that was erm, interesting. Hell warmed over and all.

And in my somewhat depressingly sad mood, I listened to music on my way home, had someone literally stick their hand in my face as I was getting off the train. It was someone that I knew, but I had to look up and acknowledge them before they’d take their stupid hand out of my face. I highly dislike stupid people. Even though I am, technically, a part of that group.

So I got home after my (dreadful) exam. I watched General Hospital, a few cartoon shows, ate dinner, watched Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones and Hell’s Kitchen. Productivity is obviously not my middle name. And umm… Yeah, that’s about all I’ve done today. Played a little on my sister’s Nintendo DS. Started Pokemon Platinum (time wasting, ftw!). It is quite a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, I plan on visiting the library (returning books and picking up a hold), going shopping (clothes, potentially beads) and going to volunteering. And… That’s about it.

What did you do today?

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  1. Congrats on getting employed, by the way!

    Sorry to hear that the chemistry final wasn’t too great. I hate when there’ new’ material. Look on the bright side. Last exam :D.

    Ugh, I hate people who do that. I have been in that situation many times when I have been in a pissed mood. I can just imagine that person-I-sort-of-know sticking their hand in my face, expecting me to say goodbye or something. O.o

    I’ve been trying to catch up on my work. I have procrastinated too much and must continue my assignment.. U_U

  2. We don’t have that many exams at the minute, but they’re increasing more and more haha. On Monday I have a Spanish GCSE (which most schools make the students take when they’re 16) but our school makes us do it at 14. I’m freaking out slightly because I get nervous for exams anyway, but as this one is a speaking exam I will forget everything and FAIL. Yay~

    Today I have been trying to learn my presentation for spanish, and also to find my way around our new school building, which is amazing but also HUUGE. O_o

  3. Shit, I hate it too when new stuff comes up which you have never heard of before. It is sucky, like big time sucky. Grrrr.

    I am sure you’ll fine though, if other people find it hard they tend to lower the boundaries for the grades. x

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