I’ve been given a new nickname at work. It goes with a whole looooooong list of random nicknames that I’ve “earned” since working there. Such nicknames do include: T-bird, Phoenix, Cheer Bear (from Care Bears), Grumpy Bear (from Care Bears), Blue, “That Girl” (which I’ve never answered to), Bumblebee/Bee (which is frequently followed by “buzz!”) and my newest “addition” is… Grumpy Pants. Seriously. I liked Grumpy Bear a whole lot more. At least then it’d be a nickname after a cute little animated bear. Why “Grumpy Pants”?

So what’s up, Grumpy Pants? You look bitchy again today. You’re not going to hit me again, are you?

I heart work people. Most days.

I got oodles of work done today, I was so pleased with myself, haha. I wrote so many damn emails to coworkers and people at the other building. I also made a series of phone calls to people as they were not understanding my questions via email (the phone didn’t help too much either). My computer crashed seven times today while I was trying to either load one program (4 of the 7 times), when I was trying to send text-only emails (2 of the 7 times) and when I tried to open the database (1 out of the 7 times). It’s an old computer. It also hates me. What can I say… I make an impression on technology and it just bites back.

Besides that, nothing much has been new lately. I’ve been working on my game, watching tv (General Hospital, The Bachelorette – my not-so guilty pleasure!), working on the dolly blog (name’s a secret, just for now!) and working away at my writing/craft blog revamp! Plus loads of crafting lately (crochet, jewellery) but I haven’t gotten around to photographing anything yet… I’m a lazy girl sometimes.

Oh, and I’m not-so silently upset over the idea of taking a math course that’s four hours after the rest of everything else in my schedule.

I’m not going to have a life next year.


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