I… may have been a teensy bit bad and spent (quite) a bit of money today. But it’s totally a-okay because I can afford it and, well, my new dolly is going to be here by the end of the week (if the seller’s shipping estimate is anything to go by, apparently 5 working days is all the time needed from Japan to Canada via EMS). And here’s the seller’s photo:

Guess who's coming to live with me!

I’m not sure what I’m going to call her yet. I have a bunch of names going around in my head right now for her. In order to really ‘justify’ my purchase, I’m going to spend more time reviewing organic chem for term 1 now. I’ve already started reviewing, I know organic chem is going to be one of those classes that I’m going to spend a lot of time studying for throughout the entire time, so I figured I might as well start during the summer. But I’m definitely not going to name her anything chemistry-related!

I got an absurd amount of exercise yesterday. I went to a fabric store and bought ‘sample fabric pieces’, which are pieces that are about 12″x12″ and only cost $0.25 a piece, which is more than enough for dolly dresses. Plus some roll ends, which are also severely marked down and absolutely huge pieces. I managed to find some in small prints and other that aren’t so small prints, but I just couldn’t resist it. But I managed to completely avoid the yarn section (I was impressed with myself). Later, I had went out to a park and walked around. It’s huge and overlooks the water so I took a lot of photos and only uploaded a few onto Flickr. So here are two of them:


Bubble bubble

After the park, I was supposed to go see the fireworks, but it started raining. There was lightning fairly early, but it didn’t start raining until much later. I ended up going home early (the fireworks were due to start at around 10pm, I believe I was home about 15 minutes before that). I was soaked so a hot shower and clean, dry clothes were much appreciated at that point. I couldn’t stop shivering until after I had an entire cup of tea.

I haven’t done too much so far for Sunday. Spent an absurd amount of money (well, not too absurd…) on something that I don’t actually need (but really, really want!). I went to volunteering and hung out with some people. Learned how to play Bridge (I swear, I’m hopeless at it and they kept on correcting me every five seconds) – after one game, I was told that I could go if I wanted to. So I did. I played Jeopardy with some of the people and it was really fun, they seemed to enjoy it a lot and they like keeping track of “dollar amounts”, even if they don’t actually win anything beyond candy (and everyone gets a piece).

I never realized how much older people like using endearments for people. Honestly, some of the residents at where I volunteer, it’s always “sweetheart, this” and “darling, that” and “dear, could you please…”. I also got called Pumpkin today. I don’t believe I’ve ever been called Pumpkin before, so it was kinda weird – I didn’t realize that someone was talking to me too, since they had called me “Pumpkin”.


  1. What have you been up to this weekend?
  2. What’s the last thing that you spend money on?
  3. What is one endearment that has been used for you before, but is very rarely used?

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  1. My boss does that! She calls the little children “pumpkin”, “love”, “sweetheart” – I just think pumpkin is the strangest. :S

    I hope you can think of a name for your doll! I’d give suggestions but I’m a bit hopeless at names. πŸ˜›

    Before I clicked the second picture, I thought it was just a random ball… We have those here, but ours are red and yellow, I think. And they have flags at the top.

    1. What have you been up to this weekend?
    I got a haircut. XD
    2. What’s the last thing that you spend money on?
    Umm… It wasn’t my own money. But I spent it on the haircut.
    3. What is one endearment that has been used for you before, but is very rarely used?
    Hmm. “Darl” maybe?

  2. Aw, I’m glad you bought yourself another doll. How exciting! Another to add to the dolly blog. I’m excited to hear what you name her.

    Those pictures are lovely. It looks like you had a good time there.

    1. Absolutely nothing and it was awesome.
    2. I bought a bunch of things for my apartment.
    3. Pumpkin and cupcake. My elementary school music teacher called us that. I still write to her.

  3. Do want parks like that in Finland. Damn designers for only making small parks here ridden with insane amounts of rats and city bunnies. <_<'

    You could give your doll a chemistry-related name… but in some other language, so it's not so obvious. Chemistry is "Kemia" in Finnish, which I find to be a rather pretty word and suitable for a name. *giggle*

    1. World of Warcraft… and a picnic yesterday with my sister and her family.
    2. I bought a hard drive for 70+ € and paid most of my current hospital bills. Not sure if the latter counts as "spending money" but it sure eats a lot of cash, this hospital-bouncing hobby of mine. XD
    3. I've never been called darling or dear or such, but my mom used to call me Jonde, which is a variation of my name, obviously, but no one's called me that since I was… ten or so. My name is so short, there's no need for nicknames, I guess. Or endearments.

  4. Those Blythe dolls are scary. And I’m not too sure why people like them so much. o_O

    1. Nothing, just work. Boring as usual.
    2. I haven’t bought it yet, but it’s probably going to be a Gryffindor House tie from Whimsic Alley. Unless I find a place that can fix my phone first.
    3. “Hon.” Or “hun,” however you want to spell it. I don’t mind it too much, I suppose.

  5. …hm, I could swear I left a comment, but I think your blog ate it. o_O’

    Anyway, as I was saying, I wish we had parks like that here in Finland. All we have is small pitiful attempts at parks ridden with rats and city bunnies. Nothing cool and massive in size. πŸ™

    You should call the doll ‘Kemia’. That’s Chemistry in Finnish. πŸ™‚

    1. WoW + a picnic with my sister’s family yesterday.
    2. A hard drive for 70+ euros. Also paid off a lot of hospital bills.
    3. Jonde. I’ve never been called any endearment by those closest to me, it’s not really a part of the Finnish culture and it’s generally seen as creepy… Jonde was a nickname my mom called me up until I was ten, but it was abandoned during that time.

  6. Ooo, such a cute doll. πŸ˜€ Good luck naming her! I definitely want to hear what you decide on, haha. ^_^

    And hooray for fabric shopping! πŸ˜€ That’s how Hannah and I get when we go to Hobby Lobby and look at crafting supplies; the sales are the bane of our existence, heh. ^^; And your park looks beautiful! If I had something like that near my home, I’d be there almost every day. :]

    1. I didn’t do too much on Saturday; just hung out with Hannah while designing cards for our TCG. And on Sunday, I got to go to my other best friend’s graduation party, and hung out with her and all of my other good friends. It was a fantastic time. ^_^
    2. Hm, I think that the last thing I spent money on was an album from iTunes…no, wait, I bought the update for my iPod Touch. So that, haha.
    3. Hm, I’m not sure. Hannah and I call each other “dear”, “darling”, “hon”, that sort of thing, a lot. (As well as all of our friends; it’s just the way we are.) So the best endearments I probably get would probably be “Lil Sis” from one of my guy friends I consider to be like my big brother, and “Wifey” from Hannah as a joke. XD

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