Today was the first day of school, but… not really. The second Tuesday of September generally marks the first day back to school for most (if not all) students in BC. Luckily (???) for me, I attend a university that likes to party (joy?) and so the first day of classes isn’t actually until tomorrow. So I woke up at 5:15am this morning (to get used to waking up at absurdly early times…), made myself a cup of tea and sipped that while listening to instrumentals, reading the news on my laptop and ate (previously frozen) blueberry waffles.

I was not very productive this morning and didn’t leave the house until 8:30am, when my sister J was leaving for work (we go in the same direction). So I got to school and bought books for 2 of my classes (organic chemistry – cost me an arm and a leg; infant psychology did not cost me as much as I thought it really would). Then I hopped onto an unfamiliar bus, encountered a very nice bus driver and a very rude (and smelly! gah) fellow public transit patron. I was not impressed (but, however, was grateful for the knowledgeable bus driver)… All in the name of shopping for yarn.

Since I didn’t have classes to go to, tutorials to attend or labs to prepare for, I went shopping for yarn and bought 11 balls of the most deliciously coloured (leaf green) yarn to finish my current (non-pop tab) project. It’s going incredibly well. I’m going to probably post a progress shot of it soon, it’s getting so big (more than half my height already!). But yes, I braved an unfamiliar bus in order to go to a very particular store in order to buy 11 balls of scrumptious yarn and 1 package of mini metal snaps (for dolly clothes).

Because, really, beyond school (from September to April) and work (from May to August) and the Boyfriend and my friends and family woes… What else do I do besides crafting? Not much, actually. Although lately I’ve perfected my budgeting spreadsheet, backed up all my website files and all my photos (a mere 4gb since June 2007… but 3.5gb are from 2009 alone, specifically since I got my own digital camera), watched many episodes of Castle, Being Erica, Mantracker and True Blood (catching up on everything on the DVR so I could actually record General Hospital today!)

And just one more thing to add.. While I was on that unfamiliar bus, it stopped at a red light at an intersection. I glanced out the window and there was a small little market that seemed to sell mostly meats and some produce. There were computer printed signs in large block letters and the one that caught my eye was the one that said “Urinated Meat”… I’m pretty sure they were going for “Marinated Meat”.


  1. How was your Tuesday?
  2. If you went back to school today (or just had school or work), how did it go? Which part was your favourite and/or least favourite?
  3. What is the oddest typo that you have ever seen in print, anywhere at anytime?

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  1. 5:15 AM? You, my friend, are hardcore.

    1. Hmm my Tuesday is pretty boring so far. It always is, until clayton gets home from work, then we hang out for the remainder of the day.

    2. Didn’t go to school today although Aini asked if I wanted to, to walk around and look at the festivities going on around school. I would have if you know, I didn’t have a ridiculously long commute. Aini lives on school campus so it’s so much easier for her.

    3. Oh man, I can’t even remember. Not really a typo, but on the way to Dairy Queen by Brunette, when you pass by the trailer park, there’s a sign that says SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING. I laugh every time I see that.

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