I woke up at 5:15am this morning and was all ready by 6am, I caught my bus at around 6:15am (my first class is at 8am, gah). The only problem with this whole thing was that the rain would just not go away. It was raining from before I woke up to around maybe right before I got home. It was sprinkling a bit, but it was raining incredibly hard between my morning and noon class.

My professor seemed really nice, for someone who also needs to be awake early in the morning. Plus, he was quite cheerful and cracked a lot of somewhat funny jokes and seemed to know what he was talking about – in regards to the introduction to the course, at least! He even included a slide of ‘mythbusters’ regarding the class. For example, it’s rumored that 60%+ of the students who take the course each year fail. But last year, the failure rate was < 15%. Which is nice to know that your professor isn’t out to make you fail and feel miserable (the rain does that enough, thank you!). But overall, it was a very straight forward introduction, he seems capable of teaching the course though, and was very enthusiastic in drawing out sample chemical reactions. Not quite sure what I think about the teaching style (as it was only introductory today), but I’ll find out soon enough. I already know that I have 2 midterms in this course, and online website assignments starting next week.

The entire ‘teaching team’ was introduced today. Two lecturers, one lab coordinator and all four lab TAs were present today to introduce themselves. The course itself is quite interesting, there’s a lab component and a lot of interesting information to absorb over the course of the term. I have… 3 projects to do (with a partner), 2 lecture midterms, 1 lab midterm, 1 lab final and 1 final for the lecture material. It should be interesting, but I’m kinda looking forward to it (the projects seem to be straight forward, from the information I got today – they involve answering questions in point form and identifying specimens that we collect ourselves, whoot!).

I’m not quite sure what to think about this class. I was really looking forward to it because it’s about infant development and has a super cute baby on the cover and the course outline that I read prior to signing up for it sounded very interesting. But then the professor was a little disorganized and stuttered a lot while telling us about the course introduction. I’ve flipped through the textbook (… if one can call a flimsy paperback a textbook) a bit yesterday and the material is very interesting… I’m just hoping that the lectures get more interesting in comparison to the introduction. And that my professor eventually informs us of what the grade breakdown will look like.

I’m taking 4 classes this term so I have another ‘first lecture’ tomorrow morning (another 8am class – I’m insane, I realize). But I picked up a free planner today at school and noted down when everything is (2 midterms for chemistry, 2 lecture midterms for biology, 3 biology project due dates) of things that I already know the dates of… And you know what I found out? The week after my birthday (which is on a Saturday this year), I have 1 biology midterm, 1 chemistry midterm and 1 biology project due. I’m so celebrating my 20th in style this year… There’s going to be a lot of knowledge absorption.

And… Before anyone goes “Haha, Michelle didn’t mention having friends in any of her classes – loser” (… Not that anyone would, right?) I actually know at least one person per class! J from my chemistry class last year is in my chemistry class again this year (and she is in my Tuesday-Thursday biology class as well). R is in my biology class, I know her from the biology class I took last year (and we’re even in the same lab section). And for psych, there’s J (from my biology class, whoot!) and M, whom I’m not a huge fan of, and I didn’t even see her in class today, but I saw her at the bookstore and she was in the same class. But her mantra is “I will becoming a psychiatrist because everyone needs to be medicated”… So I’m avoiding her.

But, overall, I enjoyed my first day of classes. I could have done without the rain… and I am desperately wanting to get rainboots now, but not sure if I’ll have the time until the weekend, but hopefully I do because the whole ‘soaking wet socks and runners’ thing? Not fun. At all. Can’t I have summer weather in the fall? Or would that defeat the purpose of a change in the name of seasons?

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  1. I hate rain. Rain rain, go the eff away!

    I’m kind of looking forward to starting school again. My new university is on a quarter-system, which is drastically different from my community college, so I’m a bit nervous. But Royce is going to be there, so it should be good :3

    And since I’m going to be new to the campus, I’m pretty sure I won’t know a single person in any of my classes ;__; Royce isn’t in any of them because he wasn’t allowed to register until later, when several classes were already full. Poo.

    By the way, what’s your username or referral link for PayPerPost? I’m going to sign up :3

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