This is a photo of a buttercup root cross-section that I took with my regular point-and-shoot camera via the eye piece of the compound microscope that I was looking through. It’s at 400x magnification (and if you’ve ever yanked up a buttercup before, you know how tiny their roots are!). This is a prepared slide (my awesome staining skills? Not that good!) that my TA had offered for us to look through if we happened to suck at doing cross sections and/or staining. I happen to like it. I had issues getting the whole view into the photo, but I do like the look of it.

Shabby root cell

And this is my ‘golden ticket’ for my biology lab midterm on Thursday (from 10:45 to 11:45, as you can tell). Because there’s so many students (~60 for 2 lab sections), and they will only have so many stations set up, we got split into groups. So in order to be able to write the test, we need to have a ticket to hand in. I got the later time for my regular lab time and then S was instantly looking over my shoulder and going “Michelle! Want to switch?” Hah, like I want to do the lab midterm literally right after a lecture. (The screen of my laptop has an article from CBC News regarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s joint bid for the 2020 Olympic Games.)

Ticket into my lab midterm :D

And I had this chipper conversation with one of my classmates from my organic chemistry class (we had a midterm the Thursday that just passed and this is what she said):

F: OMG, I got 14% on that test!
M: You started studying an hour before it. What did you expect?

To be fair, it was a long test (9 pages) and we only had 1 hour to complete it. Including ‘part’ questions (like a, b, c) there were a total of 35 individual problems. To be done in 60 minutes. So yeah, I can understand why people are pretty much bawling on the discussion board for my chemistry class. It was a difficult midterm. The questions themselves were fair, but only if we actually had the time to both read, think about, and answer it in the way that they wanted us to do so.

Anyways… I was productive yesterday! I got a few pages (read: 2) of notes for my biology paper (not the same biology class where I have a lab midterm… Too many biology courses, so little time) which isn’t due until the first week of November (thank goodness!). And today I’ve got a few chapters to read for psychology, plus need to make notes for that class and start my midterm essay prep! My prof gave us 5 possible essay topics for the midterm and only 1 of them will show up on Friday… so I guess I need to know exactly what’s going on, eh? Doesn’t help that I have issues paying attention to his lectures most of the time… Only because he loses his train of thought quite frequently, and it’s difficult for me to pay attention when he can’t even remember what he was talking about just 7 seconds ago. Just saying.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! And to my fellow Canadians, I hope the pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and stuffed turkey is going well. My family is having… I have no clue what we’re having for dinner. But I can guarantee you that it isn’t a turkey (we don’t really “do” Thanksgiving – the last time I did anything Thanksgiving-ish was tracing out my hand onto brown construction paper to make a paper turkey in elementary school).

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  1. That picture is awesome (the one of the cells).

    My thanksgiving isn’t very Canadian. We had chicken salad and potatoes. No pumpkin pie =(

  2. Most of my domains are hosted with Kya at (and she’s hosted by Surpass). There are a few (like Woodnotes) that happened to be hosted elsewhere. Woodnotes was connected to a reseller so that was why it was different. I’m happy that most of them are in the same place though. 😀

    I remember making those slides way back… I was pretty hopeless. 😛 I do love that photo though, it’s so clear and precise.

    Oh, how it would suck to have an exam or test right after a lecture. Good thing you got a later time. 😀

    I really do not think that nine pages and that amount of questions could be done in an hour. What a struggle. Exams that are a couple of hours long are much better because you can take your time. You might end up with time left but it’s a lot better than trying to squeeze all that in! 🙁

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