It feels like a Monday

Written on October 13, 2009 at 9:21 pm
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  • Finished (hopefully) essay prep for my Friday psychology midterm
  • Made more notes for my biology paper preparation
  • Watched 1 episode of General Hospital and 1 episode of Castle (new addiction – I blame my sister D for introducing it to me)
  • Read the news (favourite article today: ‘vegetarian’ spiders – really should be omnivorous spider)
  • Realized the top 3 articles under the section of Canada were about adults, murder trials, and dead children (1, 2 and 3) – disgusted.
  • Made dinner – yay!
  • Had 2 3 cups of tea (obviously, I cannot count)
  • Looked over my biology lab notes (lab midterm + second shot at Koehler illumination quiz… meep!) again (dislike drawing, can’t believe my drawing skills count towards my grade – gah, why didn’t I do more art lessons when I was younger? Oh right, I wanted to swim instead…)
  • Updated my ‘reference sheet’ for nursing school applications (it’s very snazzy and pretty – colour coded too!)
  • Updated notebook for psychology with little Post-It tabs for sections (yay!)
  • (Partially) cleaned my room
  • Attempted to remove one of the headlight bulbs from the car (… and failed miserably – even with coaching on what to do from Clay! Now, if you ever needed someone to dissect something for you, I can do that and will love pretty much every moment of it. But changing a bulb? Apparently not.)
  • Looked through new Flickr photos from everyone, went quickly through posts on the dolly forums
  • Wrote this list.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Colour coding for the win =D

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