What’s 5’1″ and falls down stairs?

Written on December 3, 2009 at 5:03 pm
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Today was my (plant) biology lab final, which was 25% of my final grade. Gah. I ate cookies after, they offered cookies at one of the stations (there’s 5 stations, 12 minutes at each station, bleh). My TA said that we can take as much cookies as we wanted… So who was I to turn down a mid-morning snack? So yes, morning cookies, potential and utter failures and then I went… thrift store shopping. Hopped on a bus leaving campus to go into one store (was looking for sweaters to unravel for the yarn, dolly clothes and whatnot). Didn’t find anything, so I went to a thrift store remotely closer to where I live.

I found this awesome patterns booklet from 1977 from Leisure Arts called “Afghan Book 2” (Leaflet 102) for knit and crochet afghans. For a dollar. Wheeeeeeee. Pretty vintage pattern booklet. There was another one that I was considering getting, but it was all about thread crochet and I don’t have the patience to make table runners out of thread, haha. And I think my eyesight thanks me for that! And I bought a sweater that I completely intend on unraveling to use the yarn. It’s a sweater in a really nice mix of cream and light brown – 57% lambswool, 22% nylon, 14% angora and 7% cashmere. Yeah, really nice. I see something pretty in the future of that sweater, once I unravel it. Probably a deliciously comfy scarf that’ll be much longer than my height (and probably longer than Clay’s height too!) because the sweater is around 600g and I used less than 250g for a 7+ feet scarf before… So it’ll be definitely a scarf… and a hat… and maybe a set of mittens… Yum.

I managed to trip down the stairs in my house recently (I was wearing socks… on carpeted stairs… don’t worry too much, it wasn’t the entire flight of stairs or anything!) so… after I got to the bottom of the stairs, I had let out a yelp while falling… I lifted my head up and right in front of my face was a freaking spider, scuttling away along the wall. I screamed and then my sisters came to see what had happened. And then they laughed at the fact that I had a) tripped down the stairs and b) screamed about the spider. Apparently I’m very predictable with my reaction towards the eight-legged critters that occupy the corners in select rooms in my house.

And last, but not least, one of my hostees (Nichole) recently a new forum that I joined the other day. It is hosted on IS.com, but I’m not actually running it (so this isn’t a personal blog, haha). Go check out Exquisite MB, which is ran by Nichole and Nicole. And put me down as the person who referred you (my username is Michelle).

Questions for you today:

  1. How often do you go to thrift stores? What do you often look for?
  2. What book are you currently reading that is not ‘required’ reading (i.e. for school)?
  3. What is your favourite flower?

My answers:

  1. Not very often at all – I generally look at sweaters (looking at fibre content so I can unravel the sweater(s) for the yarn) and toys (board games, doll clothes) and crafts sections (patterns, materials, etc.)
  2. If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern (a reread, I own the book but I needed something to occupy myself on public transit besides knitting)
  3. Daisies (white petals, yellow middles)

2 Responses to “What’s 5’1″ and falls down stairs?”

  1. Hannah says:

    ha ha ha I’m so clumsy I’m sure my family would laugh at me too, I trip a lot though, and since I hate spiders my reaction would be the same ha ha ha

    1. How often do you go to thrift stores? What do you often look for?
    here in england I go more often than back in Mexico, and a look for either books or random stuff, like pieces for a costume, random stuff or nothing in specific…
    2. What book are you currently reading that is not ‘required’ reading (i.e. for school)?
    William Walker’s first year of marriage, light reading to take off the stress, it’s quite funny
    3. What is your favourite flower?
    tulips <3

  2. Georgina says:

    Title caught my eye. I’m one inch taller than you! :O (5 foot 2.) I’m glad I don’t have stairs in my house. I actually am not really that clumsy, but I tend to trip over ‘nothing’ sometimes.

    1. How often do you go to thrift stores? What do you often look for?
    Every month or so. I look for records most of the time, sometimes jewellery (not always in good condition though).
    2. What book are you currently reading that is not ‘required’ reading (i.e. for school)?
    Umum… um… I believe I am not reading anything? Last thing I read was And Another Thing… by Eoin Colfer.
    3. What is your favourite flower?
    Rose, probably. :3

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