Sighs. First day post-end-of-lectures. I’ve been up for a few hours already (definitely did not wake up at 5am like I’ve been regularly doing since the beginning of September!) and have eaten breakfast, lunch, studied biology and chemistry and fought with my printer to spit out the practice chemistry finals. Am I fully impressed with my productivity? Not so fucking much. But I blame it on my printer, which is being super temperamental these days.

Also, cleaned up some of the old hostees stuff on my server – I found one of my hostees hadn’t updated since April, so her stuff automatically got deleted. As well as a few others that asked to be hosted, had everything set up for them, and then they never did anything with it. Yay for cleaning up – only freed up like 20mb, haha. But it’s not like I’m hurting for space right now.

Anyways… New theme, obviously. A little belated for the start of December, but since it’s still the first week of December, I figured that it still counted well enough for the start of December. Lyrics are from the song Sugar Free by Hedley, go take a listen (probably somewhere on Youtube, if you want to find it). And actively working on a few things right now: some things for, some other things for, studying (of course), Christmas gifts for the grouchy ungrateful souls that I live with, musings about baking, more studying (and hoping to pass organic chemistry…). So the next few weeks are going to be awesome and just so much damn fun…

That being said, have totally been working on my ‘reference sheet’ for my first biology exam. We get 1 piece of paper, single-sided and we get to write whatever we want. So you best believe that mine’s typed and has all what I consider to be ‘important’ information. Not sure how big I should make the font-size though. My original reference sheets for the 2 midterms were at size 11, so it’ll probably be smaller than that, and a bit more packed and with a lot more colours! Heart colours.

And… lastly for today, does anyone know where I can get something that looks like a Rubik’s Cube that has more than 9 (3×3) squares per side? It’s the only thing that my sister D wants for Christmas – she saw one down in LA that had 16 (4×4) squares per side, but she didn’t get it (and is now regretting it…). If you could help me out, that’d be awesome. I found one online that has 49 squares per side, but it was $71 with a 6 week shipping period so… Help?

Edit: Found one with 16 squares per side at for $5.99USD + free shipping. Hello, sister’s Christmas present!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.

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  1. Holy. Cow. 16 per side? Bijeebus. My brother is a whiz at the Rubik’s cube. He’s younger than me and I think I am jealous. XD I wish I could do it in 56 seconds like the hell he can… urgh. I think he can nearly do it blindfolded.

    My brother is out for a “real” Rubik’s cube. He tells me the difference because there are some that are put together crappily, and the way it’s designed, it isn’t really easy to twist around and whatever.

    Some time ago I deleted a hostee who didn’t update for well over six months!

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