So, I found my sister’s Christmas gift (16 squares/side non-Rubik’s Cube Rubik’s Cube)… Granted, because of when she let me know what she wanted, and when I ordered (the day that she told me what she wanted for Christmas), it is likely to not arrive before the 25th. Which means that on Christmas, she’ll be opening a lovely wrapped box that just has an image of what she’s getting. And probably some crumbled newspapers.

Not to worry, it’s not the first time that someone in my family has received a box with just the picture of the gift-to-come in it. For instance, one year I opened a present from my parents and it just had the cut out advertisement of the mp3 player that I wanted (Creative Zen Vision: M, in white!) because I wasn’t getting it until Boxing Day (… it was on sale plus there was an extra $50 mail-in rebate… I don’t blame my parents for wanting to wait out on that one!). We were in and out of the store in 15 minutes, after we got in.

Today has been spent… studying, and eating (I baked shortbread, yum!), and more studying and more going ‘why the %$#* is my school’s server being as slow as a snail today?!’. I printed off practice finals, I’m working away on my last few organic chem assignments and wrapping up work on my ‘reference sheet’ for my plant biology final (Tuesday 7pm! Cripes, that’s soon!). I’ve also realized how badly I’m studying while at home, good thing I plan on being at school tomorrow (probably about 8am-3pm) and then most of the day on Tuesday (from 8am until I’m done my plant biology final). Then Tuesday, I’ll be getting home and crashing (since I’ll probably get home at ~11pm). Then Wednesday will be spent on campus, studying/learning what I never knew about organic chemistry. Same with most of Thursday (8am until I’m done my organic chem final, which should be at or around 6pm). It’s going to be a fun few days!

Curiosity is annoying, but what is the worst gift that you have ever received for Christmas or any other holiday (birthdays included!). Here are some of the ones that I remember getting:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday… And to everyone who has finals coming up, best of luck.

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