My organic chemistry final is over and done with. All I could do after the final was laugh. My friends thought I was losing it (did I ever really have it though?). First thing I said?

So was that as fun for you as it was for me?

Because, honestly, that was the most absurd chemistry final I have ever written. 48 multiple choice questions (all involving actual work) and 9 written problems (3 of them were synthesis problems – the practice final that was supposed to reflect what we had to do had only 1 synthesis question). Needless to say, it wasn’t very fun. I could get the practice exam done in around 2 hours (we get 2.5 hours for the final). The 48 multiple choice questions (with choices A to H for all the problems…) and 3 synthesis questions and 6 other questions… Took me exactly 2.5 hours. And I didn’t exactly get the chance to look over any of my work… Which I was not pleased with. Then again, I finished my organic chemistry final! Now all I need to do is wait for my grade to come in (and they come out a few days before Christmas? Yeah, not cool…).

Anyways, I was reading the news this morning and they’ve been showcasing gift guides for the people. For instance, if you believed everything that the paper wrote, all women want expensive perfume (not true), fluffy robes (true…), pretty lingerie (also true) and strappy heels (not true). All men also want coffee mugs, new headphones and, apparently, car jacks (seriously, that was listed in the article). Now the children? They want things like a toy hamster (I saw a commercial for it, it kinda looks cute – it has a heart shaped button-looking thing for a nose!) that is apparently the ‘It’ toy for the 2009 season (suggested retail price is like ~$10, so I can see why parents would like it), along with the regular assortment of dolls, race cars and assorted fun things.

Moving on from organic chemistry… My next final is on Monday at 8:30am (bright and early…) in cell biology. I’m attending 2 of the review sessions (one tomorrow, one on Saturday provided that the weather is decent where I live so I can get there…). I’m not worried about this exam, only because I’ve been doing weekly tests for the class throughout the term, so it shouldn’t be too bad as the tests were supposed to reflect past final exam questions. Well, key word is supposed to. And I know how that turned out for o-chem…

Anyhoo… I hope everyone had a lovely Thursday… And cheers to hopefully passing organic chemistry…

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  1. Waiting for grades is the worst part, in my opinion. <_< I seem to get more stressed out waiting for grades than I do for the actual exam.
    Mad props to you for managing organic chemistry. I thought taking a class on the American legal system and it's representation in film was hard. I really hope you do well. 🙂

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