So my sister wanted to go to the thrift store because she wanted more summer wear without spending too much money and I decided to tag along, because I’m still in search of a) sweaters to take apart for the yarn, b) Kenner Blythe doll(s) (lol), c) awesome books, d) the original NES and e) clothes (for me).

And then I found this. And it was $2.99. And the first thing that went through my head was “ZOMG, I HAVE TO GET THIS.” Because it’s not enough to own all of the season sets and the soundtrack, I really just need to let everyone know just how much of a fangirl I really am (at least it doesn’t say Team Edward or Team Jacob or ‘I ♥ Sparkly Vampires’).

Is that not awesome?

But look! It gets even better!

^ Back of the shirt.

And it can get even better!

Left sleeve of the shirt.

So much fandom all in one shirt for $2.99 and in my size… I couldn’t say no! (The best part was that the original price tag from the CTV store was still attached to the inside of the shirt, whoot.)

And then my second find of the day was this babydoll top. 100% cotton, super soft, the design is of little blue and green hearts. The original price tag was still on it (why anyone in their right mind would pay $24.99 for this, I do not know, and then just not wear it and donate it? Whatever, my gain!) and it fits quite nicely. This was $3.99.

Anyways… Today, school was pretty okay. Attended my biochemistry lecture (did not fall asleep – yay) and went to my comparative invertebrate zoology lab (LAST LAB – we had to fill out TA evaluations and I gave my TA a glowing review, mostly because he was super awesome and was always willing to help my lab partner, S, and myself whenever we had any questions or concerns and were just like ‘wtf are we supposed to do with this?!’). But it was a super short lab (simple dissection, really quick and dirty) so I ended up leaving early (lab is supposed to be 3 hours long, but I only stayed for an hour – some people left way before I did too).

Now, my real story about today has to do when I was walking from the biology building to the bus loop. I didn’t even realize it, but some person had thrown their cigarette (still lit, it was mostly all gone by the time I saw it) and it landed on my shoulder. Actually, more specifically, it had landed on my hair that was on my shoulder. And the only reason I knew this was because I could a) smell the cigarette and b) smell my hair burning/smouldering. Smell of burning hair is not that awesome. I ended up pulling out a pair of scissors from my bag and snipped off the burnt part (luckily there wasn’t a lot of damage to me or my jacket, since I was wearing it). But seriously… I have nothing against people who smoke, but I do have something against people who carelessly discard their still-lit cigarettes without regard to other people and their safety. I mean, what if that person had flicked their lit cigarette away from themselves and it lands into a stroller with an infant or toddler? It could have been a lot worse than just a bit of burnt hair (which I’m not fucking pleased about, but it could have been a lot worse).

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  1. Hahaha great finds! That is awesome!

    Oh my goodness I can’t believe that about the cigarette. Wow. I totally would have said something. I definitely don’t have a problem if people want to smoke either but they definitely need to make sure that they are considerate about it.

  2. Awesome finds 🙂 I would never purchase any pricey like that unless its a one of a kind and handmade.

    My ex who smoked hated seeing other smokers drive and then flick the cigarette outside the window.. He was like you have an ashtray use that otherwise because of your stupidity that forest and all the animals in it are now gone.

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