So I had my final for my comparative invertebrates zoology class today (it’s a prerequisite for a lot of the classes that I want to go on and take for my upper-level courses – including animal behaviour, the insects class, marine invertebrates, etc.). And I am so fucking glad that I went over the study guidelines so much over the weekend and in such detail. Everything that was required for us to know on the study guidelines was on the test. Also, we had a bonus question that was what was the course number (i.e. kind of like for PSYC 100, the course number would be 100) of the 4th year biology course that he recommended (it’s not going to be available until Sept 2011 though, hopefully I’ll get to take it, it sounds awesome!) and that was worth a total of 8 marks on my final. My final is out of a total of 200 marks, so the bonus mark was essentially 4%. 4%!

Dear Professor L.,

I’m solemnly regretful of the negative things I may have allegedly said about you in my last blog entry. You’re kind of super awesome. Now just make sure that your TAs are super generous when marking (especially when they get to my test!).


I left the exam room (about 90 minutes from when the exam started – the first person left an hour into the exam, we’re allowed 2.5 hours to write the final) at the same time as another girl and she was visibly upset because she said she didn’t realize we’d have to draw so much (which was mentioned, a lot, on the study guidelines) and that she thought the exam was “completely unfair” for those who didn’t have enough to study for it (???). I didn’t share the same sentiments, but I didn’t say that quite out loud.

Oh, note to self, don’t go into an exam without eating first! I ate breakfast at around 7:30-ish and didn’t eat lunch before my final (which was at noon…) and my tummy started rumbling at me and making its presence generally known just 20 minutes into the exam. Oh self, stop being such a distraction.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! I’m back to studying for my three remaining finals (math, biochemistry, vascular plants).

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    1. My university doesn’t begin to release grades until the day *after* the very last exam of the exam period. But professors have until mid-May to submit their finalized grades.

  1. whoa i would have hated to have to have a test where i had to “draw” lol but yeah, if that’s what was required well than that’s what was required. and if it was a final exam this girl should have KNOWN all along when it was? and that she should be studying? oyy some people amaze me! I hope you did well 🙂

    1. Haha, my prof (who was super awesome!) put out a set of “study guidelines” that outlined exactly what we needed to know how to draw for the final and the drawings we needed to do were on that final so… =/ Guess she didn’t attend class or ever check the class website if she didn’t know that!

    1. It does! 😀 He was a pretty awesome prof (despite my complaints over his practice final questions, haha). The brand new course (that he recommended/was the bonus question answer) is one that he’s teaching, I’m going to see if I can take it! (Evolutionary Morphology of Marine Invertebrates, swoon, I’m in love with the course title and hopefully it’ll be a good one!)

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