Classes were pretty okay – the weather was actually pretty nice yesterday though! I got abandoned in my organic chemistry class by the 3 girls that I generally sit with (I know J and R from previous classes, and their slacker, insecure friend M joins us whenever she gets out of bed on time). Because R was sick, M never wakes up on time unless J gives her a phone call and J slept in. Yeah, good thing that class is only 50 minutes long. I generally need a bit of help to stay up in organic chemistry, but my prof was really engaging yesterday. Not that he normally isn’t, it’s just that it’s so early in the morning that I’m generally sleepy enough to doze just a little bit. But yesterday’s lecture was pretty good. I stayed up. And I can J and R’s friend M a slacker and insecure because… well, she essentially is. She skipped the first 2 weeks of chem class because she couldn’t be “bothered” to wake up on time (it’s currently week 4) and J and R both gave me separate stories of how M always needs to be dating someone, or else she gets depressed and starts drinking. Yeah, good fun. My other classes (one of my biology classes and psychology) went very well… My psychology prof went through more than two whole slides during the course of the 50 minutes. Which was awesome. And it helps in the whole ‘let’s actually pay attention to this guy!’ whole train of thought.

My (other) biology class actually went really well today. I learned something new today. Good thing too, since we’re now a third way through the term and I’ve just started learning new material in that class. And then there was my (plant) biology lab. Oh boy. Let’s just say that it was interesting. First off: the weather wasn’t very nice today. It was drizzling but at one point it was pouring rain. It was at around 11:30am while I was in my biology lab, about to make a cut in my mushroom sample (Phylum: Basidiomycota; Subphylum: Agaricomycotina) with a brand new, sharp razor blade and…. the fire alarm goes off. We all had to grab our stuff and leave the building. And, that building is damn difficult to navigate when you’re going down unfamiliar sets of stairs. But we all got out, and hung out in the rain for approximately 30 minutes. While it was piss-pouring rain outdoors. R and I spent some time talking to the lab instructors, because we were curious about upcoming optional field study that we can sign up for. So that was interesting, but it was pissing rain until we go to go back in. (There’s some construction going on and they decided to go and cut one of the wires… Guess what alarm they set off? Yeah…) So not cool, but R and I got our project slide done for our mushroom. Mostly because neither of us really wanted to work on it during the weekend (we both have the same midterms next week, whoo…. midterms).

And… Things are getting better, I think I’ve gotten past the whole ‘zomgwtfamIdoing?’ stage. Which is good, in my humble opinion. I spent the first two or so weeks trying to study everything every single day. And I wasn’t doing so great with that (psychology got really neglected). Now I spend time studying just one or two courses in a day, which is a lot nicer (but psychology still does get pretty neglected). I’m currently surrounded by: 1 binder, 1 stapled package of notes, 1 organic chemistry textbook, 1 model set (and 1 completed model – 2-methyl-2-bromobutene – if you cared) and… a plate of cookies. Freshly baked. I made the cookie dough last night, rolled it out and made all the circles but didn’t bake them until after I got home. Which, essentially means, that I’ve got a little bit under 3 dozen cookies next to me right now (I’ve eaten a few). I’ve missed baking… amongst other things and people.


  1. What’s the weather like in your area today?
  2. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – for all those without the Y chromosome, do you do a self-exam once a month?
  3. How much sleep do you get on average?

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  1. I’m glad that things are getting better and that you’ve calmed down a bit. I knew that you would. I knew you just needed to take it one step at a time. Take it one day at a time. If you look too far ahead or try to do too much you get overwhelmed no matter what you do. I know because I used to do the same exact thing.

    1. It’s raining. Or drizzling. Sort of both off and on. It’s nasty.
    2. I do. I always worry I don’t do it correctly, but I get examed by my OBGYN yearly.
    3. 6-8 hours per night and then usually 10 on one night on the weekend.

  2. 1. What’s the weather like in your area today?
    Sunny and I can’t even enjoy it

    2. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – for all those without the Y chromosome, do you do a self-exam once a month?

    3. How much sleep do you get on average?

    Not enough

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