We have a temperature issue…
So my family has had a chest freezer for as long as I can remember – so it’s at least 17 years old. And on Sunday, my sister J wanted ice cream, and I wanted a snack, so I went and grabbed two spoons and went to the freezer and got a container of ice cream and went back to the room where we have all our computers. I take off the lid and the chocolate ice cream is sloshing around the inside of the container. I put the container down and then go over to the freezer and open it again. There’s water dripping down the back and the ice build up (that really shouldn’t bet here) on the side walls are coming off and dripping. So I do what any sensible girl would do. I closed the freezer and start yelling for my mommy.

Needless to say, we monitored the temperature of the freezer. Yesterday afternoon, it was at -2 degrees (Celsius, I’m in Canada). Last night, it was at -1. This morning, it was at 0 and this afternoon, it was at 1. So… I think our freezer has decided to kick the bucket. For dinner tonight, we had dumplings, because my mom noticed that they were already mostly thawed this morning. And then we quickly moved stuff from the downstairs freezer into the small freezer section in our fridge. Which is now packed with mostly seafood (to be cooked tonight) and previously frozen blueberries. I texted my friend K about our little predicament, who in turn told her mom about it, who then offered us their extra freezer space. My mom pretty much jumped at the offer of extra freezer space and we quickly piled stuff into the only cooler that we own, putting some more stuff upstairs (blueberries, anyone? Apparently I was mistaken, I thought there was about 13lbs of blueberries, but my mom said that there was 20+… A little less than half is currently in K’s freezer.) and we drove over and emptied the contents of our cooler into their freezer.

And I might not be that stupid after all…
I’ve been studying organic chemistry like crazy lately (my midterm is Thursday night – good thing I have Grey’s Anatomy on DVR) and I’ve been struggling with the practice midterms and I was pretty much certain that I’m an idiot and just cannot do organic chemistry. … Well, the answers were put up today (I haven’t looked at those yet!) but they’ve crossed off some more of the questions on the practice (read: old) midterms… Because we’re kind of ‘behind’ in terms of the material and therefore, some of those problems aren’t applicable as that material won’t be tested (thank you, o-chem profs!). So I don’t feel that stupid after all. And the cool thing is that one of the problems based on material that we won’t be tested on? Totally got it right.

Or then again, maybe I am…
So after yesterday’s little emotionally-sappy-ish post… I may have been a touch snarky and snippy with the boyfriend. And this was last night/this early morning, so today has been crappy. To say the least. Because there’s nothing worse than feeling horrible for having said or done something that hurts someone that you love. I think I just let everything get to me… I can’t even figure out why I’ve been feeling so vulnerable lately, you know? If I take a step back, I can totally see it from his point of view, or someone else’s point of view. And I can recognize when I’m being incredibly stupid and irrational and just plain silly… But I can’t recognize that in the moment. I guess this is why they say that hindsight is 20/20 – because it really is. It’s easier to look at something when you’re removed from it for about half an hour, when you’ve calmed down, when you’re no longer wanting to say something incredibly hurtful and rude and just plain mean.

Can I has sleep?
And the whole sleep deprivation thing is not working well for me. Because it’s one thing to go to bed at 10pm, it’s another thing entirely to actually be sleeping at 10pm. I mean, I wake up at around 5:15/5:30am every single day (I attempt to pull this off on weekends, sometimes I’m very good about it). Which is fine… if I actually fell asleep at around 10pm. Instead, I recall seeing the time at around 1am… 2am… 4am… And I can’t sleep on the bus anymore. Which makes me incredibly irritable (J and M from my early morning class can attest to this – they kept on joking about how I’m going to shove a pen into the leg of guy sitting next to me because he would not stop shaking his leg and it was just out of the corner of my eye. Dude, not cool.) It did not help that R wasn’t in class this morning and she’s my project partner and promised to print out our report because my printer had been mostly preoccupied last night with my other biology assignment and she slept in and she calls me at like 9:20am and goes “Hey Michelle, it’s R… Did you call me like seven times? Anyways, don’t worry, if I wasn’t showing up, I would have called you last night!” “… Did you print out the report?” “No, ‘hi, how are you’? -giggles- Don’t worry!”

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  1. We have a tiny freezer. If it gots batshit, we can eat everything that fits in there in one dinner. I’d LOVE a freezer that has space for something more than a package of fish sticks. Whoo.

    “Organic chemistry” sounds hella difficult. >:o

  2. DaVID & I have a tiny deep freezer, and my parents have two rather large ones.. my dad goes hunting and stuff so thats why. I won’t ever forget telling my dad when we got ours that it was going upstairs in shadows (the extra) bedroom!

    if i had to take all the science classes that you have to take iw ould have already lost my mind. science and math werent ever my strong points

    sleep. well sleep i’ve decided i’ll have to wait till i’m dead to get that.

  3. LOL our fridge likes to die every few months and the apartment managers just replace the fan or motor…I wish they’d just get us a new one it’s super super OLD.

    Eeeew organic chem…Makes me grateful to be studying art =D

    That was pretty irresponsible of your friend >_>

  4. Oh nu! 🙁 terribly awful about your freezer. We have one that looks like a whole ‘nother fridge (in that it sits upright instead of being the lower one with the lid that opens up) and it is packed full of mostly meats. If it were to break..oh Lord.. we’d have alot of beef, deer, and God knows what else. Very nice of K’s family to offer their freezer! So that’s good.

    I understand about the sleep deprivation. Poor Chelle, you needs your sleep =( *gives you hers*

    Oh and I miss you. Im thinking about blogging but the domain’ll just go down, so what’s it matter? -_-

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