Day of my biology lab midterm! It went fairly well… Until I got to my second-to-last station. I blanked out on the slides that were at that station and gave my best try at an answer. Not sure how well that ended up. Clay and I also worked some things out (ish) and we’re talking a little bit more now (yay).

Had my psychology midterm – it went decently well. I know I messed up on at least one thing in that midterm (which rather sucks, considering I actually studied for this psychology midterm – unlike the midterms for my intro to psychology course last year…), but it wasn’t the essay portion, so I’m pretty okay with that. Also caught up on television (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Castle, General Hospital) and cooked last night (and have a burn on my arm to prove it, ouch).

And… Today
Yay, Saturday. Which means studying (boo) and cooking (whoot?). So far today I’ve completed 1 online organic chemistry reading quiz, 1 online organic chemistry assignment and I’m nearly finished printing off some biology notes for my studying. My mom came home a little while ago with my cousin, who was helping us move in a new freezer (I mentioned the fact that our chest freezer stopped working nearly two weeks ago) and we got an upright freezer and I’m actually taller than it is! And apparently my second cousins? Those little kids? They all decided to get growth spurts and my cousin says that they’re all probably taller than me… Damn, guess I’ll be looking up next time!

Things have been going well today… Sort of. I couldn’t get to sleep last night… I logged off at a fairly decent time (a little bit past midnight), but the last time I saw a time before I was awake was 4:16am, if I remember correctly. 4:16am. And I had gotten up on Friday at 5:10am. So umm, yeah. Sleep deprivation doesn’t even begin to describe it right now, given that I woke up at around 10am. Which is, probably close to 6 hours of sleep, but it’s still so… bleh. But off to do some more studying.

Because biology is just so fascinating. (Some aspects are, asking me to memorize20 different compounds with their structures and names, not so much.)

Anyways, I have something fun planned for tomorrow’s entry, so be sure to check that out sometime. No hints as to what it is, though, as I’m still working on it.

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